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Morimoto Super 7 headlights

RATED LIFETIME: 10,000 Hours.
REAR MATERIAL: Powdercoated Cast Aluminum.
FRONT HOUSING: Injection Molded Plastic.
LENS MATERIAL: UV-Treated Polycarbonate.
LOW / HIGH LED: HML-3 7545 w/ Ceramic Substrate & ESD Protection.
LOW/HIGH BEAM: 70,000 cd.

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Morimoto Super 7 headlights is a specialist car headlight manufacturer that deals with many superior automobile companies like FORD, NISSAN, TOYOTA, etc. it was started in 2008 in Atlanta, Morimoto’s products are far better than all other products in the aftermarket. It has worked with many distributors all over the world and has a solid and genuine customer base.

It specializes in LED and HID bulbs, projector lights, fog lights, and other accessories like harnesses. Moreover, it has a digital presence on various platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


  • Other competitors that use normal reflectors or projector lights, the MORIMOTO SUPER 7 HEADLIGHT now uses the LED projector. It’s better than xenon headlight. It stands out of the crowd.
  • It switches on along with the vehicle. The previous LED in today’s time it’s no longer valid. You need to move forward and start using MORIMOTO SUPER 7 HEADLIGHT.
  • MORIMOTO SUPER 7 HEADLIGHT is way brighter than other lights. The light produced travels a long distance than normal lights and provides improved visibility.
  • The look and design of MORIMOTO SUPER 7 HEADLIGHT it is breathtaking. You need to pay a bit more for this light but it’s worth it. The design allows air to pass and cool down the lens as lens gets heaten up.
  • Moreover if you want to make any modification it can easily be customized. You can add halo lights in your car, add extra bulbs, LED strips or else you can customize the headlight color with car color. The headlight comes preassembled so there is no confusion or complex wiring.



Many structures and designs were tried out before getting the final one which fits perfectly in the place and also customer does not need to do complex work. You get everything inside the package so just fix the mounts and screws, join the wires and start using them.


The light already comes preassembled so there is no need to perform complex wiring and buy costly equipment, rather you just have to join 1 or 2 wires and you are good to go.


Without spending a significant amount of money you can consider to buy these headlights. Morimoto has set a benchmark in terms of how its products are long lasting and its UV coated lens will keep the light new for a long period of time. It provides full value for money. The product comes with 5 year warranty. No other company in the market can offer this.


Morimoto has set a benchmark in terms of how its products are long lasting and its UV coated lens will keep the light new for a long period of time. It provides full value for money. These are long lasting and each penny spent is worth it. As already mentioned these are DOT and SAE certified. You can enhance the impressions of your automotive by applying these lights.


Without spending a significant amount of money you can consider to buy these headlights to enhance the overall looks of your automotive. They provide excellent value for money. The design of headlight, the color scheme, is far better than other products available in the market. The fitting is perfect edge to edge. You won’t find any problem in the size or shape of the light. It enhances the noticeability of your vehicle.


[faq]1.) Can we customize the light?|=|Yes you can customize the light. You can add any extra accessory or if you want to customize the color you can get it done.|SEP|2.) Is the light durable enough?|=|Yes the headlight has a UV COATED lens which keeps the light new for a long time. Bulbs are also very efficient.|SEP|3.) Is it possible to install the light on our own?|=|It is possible to install it. You just need to so some simple wiring and you are good to go[/faq]


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