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w55 transmission for sale – Fully Tested Auto Parts Online

  • Type: five-pace guide transmission
  • Torque Capacity: 270 lb-toes
  • Weight: Approximately 88 lbs
  • oil grade: API GL–four
  • oil capability: 2.6 litres
SKU: AA4TS Category: Transmission


w55 transmission for Sale

In the bustling world of manual transmissions, the W55 stands as a testament to sturdiness and smooth shifting. For vehicle enthusiasts looking for a reliable five-speed accomplice for his or her challenge car or classic trip, the W55 whispers promises of strong performance and undying enchantment. Today, we delve into the heart of this mythical gearbox, exploring its specs, capabilities, records, and why its instructions are recognized in the automotive landscape.

Over the years, the W55 has grown to be a mainstay within the realm of automobile modding and restoration. Its verified song report, ease of preservation, and improved ability make it an extraordinarily sought-after transmission for initiatives ranging from normal drivers to weekend warriors. From the roar of turbocharged Supras tearing down drag strips to the dusty trails conquered through lifted Troopers, the W55 has emerged as an image of resilience and enjoyment.

Features   of  w55 transmission

Triple Cone Synchros:

One of the defining capabilities of the W55 is its use of triple cone synchros. Unlike the more not unusual single or double cone synchros, triple cone synchros provide smoother and extra specific equipment changes, mainly when downshifting. This is due to the fact the 3 cones step by step interact with each other, step by step synchronising the equipment speeds before mashing them collectively. This effects in much less equipment clash and a more delicate transferring revel in.

Forged Gears:

The W55 transmission gears are made from cast steel, that’s substantially stronger than forged iron gears utilised in a few different transmissions. This makes the W55 greater proof against wear and tear, specially when subjected to high torque or abuse. This is vital for overall performance fans and stale-roaders who demand the most from their transmissions.

Cassette-Style Design:

The W55 capabilities a cassette-style design, which means that the inner components, which includes the gears and synchros, are housed in a separate module that may be without difficulty eliminated and replaced. This makes preservation and repairs a great deal less complicated and less expensive, as you don’t need to disassemble the entire transmission to get right of entry to the internals.

Hydraulic Clutch Release:

The W55 makes use of a hydraulic grasp launch device, which affords a smooth and responsive grasp engagement. This is in contrast to cable-operated snatch systems, which can be extra jerky and hard to modulate. The hydraulic device additionally self-adjusts for grab put on, making it less difficult to maintain over the years.

Proven Reliability:

One of the most famous capabilities of the W55 is its mythical reliability. This transmission has been confirmed to remain for loads of hundreds of miles, even underneath harsh conditions. This is because of its robust layout, brilliant substances, and cautious engineering.


The W55 transmission for sale is totally flexible and may be adapted to a huge range of engine configurations and power outputs. This makes it a popular desire for a whole lot of automobile modding and recuperation initiatives. Whether you have a small, fuel-green four-cylinder engine or a powerful V8, the W55 can contend with it.

Compact Design:

The W55 is an incredibly compact transmission, which makes it an amazing alternative for area-restricted initiatives. This is mainly important for smaller vehicles or people with limited engine bays.

Upgrade Potential:

The W55 transmission is a famous desire for vehicle modding because it has plenty of advanced functionality. There are plenty of aftermarket additives to be had which could enhance the performance of the transmission, along with more potent grasp kits, shorter system ratios, and constrained-slip differentials.

In an international fashion frequently focused on the trendy and flashiest, the W55 Transmission stands tall as a testament to timeless engineering. Its aggregate of energy, precision, and adaptability has transcended generations, solidifying its area as a face amongst vehicle enthusiasts globally. Whether you are a pro gearhead or a budding mechanic, the W55 gives a possibility to experience the magic of a transmission built to shut, shift perfectly, and gas the thrill of the open road. So, the subsequent time you pay attention to the beautiful click on of a superbly timed gadget alternate, recollect the W55 – a legend that maintains transferring gears within the hearts of drivers everywhere.

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The W55 boasts a configuration of five forward gears harmonized with a solitary reverse gear.

The W55 Transmission aligns with the manual transmission system.

No, the W55 transmission exhibits specificity, meticulously crafted for designated Toyota models like the Tacoma and Supra.


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