Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Why buy used auto parts?

Ans: The most obvious benefits of purchasing used auto parts are lower price. Used parts are available in the market at a lower price than the cost of OEM. Along with, purchasing a used auto part preserves natural resources of the earth and after proper recycling you need not worry about the quality.

Q-2: What is the quality of used parts?

Ans: One of the major concerns of a buyer while he is purchasing a used auto part is Quality. Purchasing an aftermarket (Non – OEM) auto part is completely safe if you are buying auto parts from a trusted seller. We purchase auto parts and recycle the auto parts of those vehicles which were in good condition with proper paper work.

Q-3: Do you sell new or rebuilt parts?

Ans: Yes

Q-4: Where do you get your cars for parts

Ans: Generally, we purchase car parts from trusted salvage sources. We also purchase cars from the individual based on availability. But we always ensure that the quality and paperwork of the car should be proper.

Q-5: What if I can’t find a particular product I’m looking for?

Call at our toll free number: +1-855-422-7395 or Email us on: [email protected] We have many sources from where we can arrange that particular auto part for your car as soon as possible.

Q-6: Why buy a repairable vehicle?

Ans: Buying a repairable vehicle is pocket friendly and after proper repairing, you need not worry about the quality of the vehicle. No doubt, after 2 to 3 years of use mileage of the vehicle deceases but in comparison to the original price of the vehicle we can manage the selling price.

Q-7: How safe are repairable cars after being fixed?

Ans: After proper repairing a repairable car is reliable on road.

Q-8: What type of title do repairable cars have?

Ans: In the US some state re-title repairable vehicle while some states allow the title as it is. So you need to contact the motor vehicle department of your state or our title department can help you in this case.

Q-9: Who fixes repairable cars?

Ans: Most of the cars are repaired in the garages but in some cases owner repairs his own car.