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BorgWarner T19 Transmission for Sale – Fully Tested Parts

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  • Type: Heavy duty top loading, 4-speed manual transmission
  • Applications:  • 1983 – 1987 Ford trucks
    1975 to 1980 International Scout
  • Case Material: Cast iron
  • Case Length: ~11.87″
  • Weight: ~ 145 lbs
  • Make: BorgWarner
  • Top cover: 120 – 135 lbs
  • PTO Port: Passenger’s slide
  • Identification: Top loading, passenger side PTO, “13-09” cast into the case, cast iron case, cast iron top cover. The reverse is towards the passenger and to the back.
SKU: KU86L Category: Transmission


T19 Transmission for Sale

If you are searching for the t19 transmission for sale then you are at the right place. We are the top sellers of used parts for automobiles in the USA.

As you know T19 transmission is a spare part used in the gearbox. T19 transmission for sale you can also buy online. There are so many companies selling T19 transmissions for sale ford and BorgWarner is quite popular in T19 transmission. TheT19 transmission sold by both companies has great quality. Before buying a T19 transmission you must check a few things that will help you to buy the quality T9 transmission. It does not matter what are you going to buy everything has some sort of flaw. It is essential a proper knowledge before buying any product. We are sharing a few factors which will help you to buy a quality T-19 transmission.

Factors are mentioned below: –

  1. Leak check: – It usually happens in T19 transmission that there would be leakage that makes the machine unworthy. So before buying T19 transmission you must check the leakage. check all levels of fluid by adding more fluid to see if there is no drop coming out from the T19 transmission. If there is a leakage in the T19 transmission that T19 transmission is not good to buy.
  2. Mechanic: – Mechanics are the expert who understands the parts profoundly. So whenever you go to buy a T19 transmission you must take a mechanic with you. A mechanic will check all the essential details required in a good T19 transmission. A good mechanic will also suggest to you which T19 transmission will be good for your vehicle.
  3. Warranty: – You must ask about the warranty to know for what duration you will get the free service in the T19 transmission gets faulty. Details and reviews: – It is essential to know about the product before buying it. You must go to that product’s website and check its customer reviews. Pay attention to verified purchased reviews. If possible, check all the videos regarding the product quality. It will assure you that you should go for that product or not.

Features of T19 Transmission for Sale

Everyone has observed moving cars bikes trucks on the road. Have you ever think the technology behind moving heavy trucks? Technology to move a truck is known as a transmission that is used in a gear machine to run a car truck and bike efficiently. Transmission is the technology and spare part used in the truck to move energy in a gearbox. There are so many types of transmission used in different vehicles. In this article, we will learn about the T19 transmission. T19 transmission is used when your truck accelerates and your lower gear needs torque to help the higher gear to achieve a speed.

There are so many companies selling T19 transmission. Ford is one of the companies that sell T19 transmission for heavy-duty trucks.

Mode of T19 Transmission 

  1. Online: – If you are buying online then you must check all the reviews written by the verified customers. It will help you to get an idea regarding the T19 transmission you are going to buy.
  2. Local Vendors: – You can also buy the T19 transmission from your local vendors. You must check their credibility. You should bough your T19 transmission only in a good shop where everyone believes that they will not provide you with a bad quality product.
  3. Junkyard: You can also buy second-hand T19 transmission from the people who work in a junkyard. Where the cars and trucks get dumped you can buy the second-hand T19 transmission from them. You only need to pay attention to all the facts and check which are required to buy you the best T19 transmission. Used T19 transmission buying is not at all a bad idea because it saves you money and provides you a sense to run your machine on a budget.

3 reviews for BorgWarner T19 Transmission for Sale – Fully Tested Parts

  1. Donald

    I recently bought a T-19 transmission from Find Auto Parts Online, and the entire process was smooth and efficient. The website provided detailed information about the product, and the ordering process was straightforward. The transmission arrived on time and in excellent condition. I appreciate the hassle-free experience and would recommend this platform to fellow auto enthusiasts.

  2. Robert Dordando

    My purchase of a T-19 transmission from Find Auto Parts Online was a positive experience. The transmission’s quality met my expectations, and the shipping was surprisingly quick. The only reason for not giving a full five stars is that the packaging could have been more secure. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase and would consider buying from them again.

  3. Kate Perry

    The T19 transmission I purchased exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. It’s evident that Find Auto Parts Online takes pride in offering top-notch products. What’s even better is that their prices are competitive compared to other online retailers. I got a high-quality transmission without breaking the bank.

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To ensure compatibility, check your vehicle’s specifications and consult with experts or the supplier. Transmission identification numbers and vehicle model information are essential for accurate selection.

Regular maintenance, such as checking fluid levels and addressing leaks promptly, can help prolong the life of your T-19 transmission. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals.

While experienced automotive enthusiasts may attempt a T-19 transmission installation, it is recommended to seek professional help for proper installation and to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


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