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Toyota W58 Transmission for Sale

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Found in 1982–1989
Auto / Manual: Manual / 5 Speed

Gear Ratios:

First Gear: 3.285:1.
Second Gear: 1.894:1.
Third Gear: 1.275:1.
Fourth Gear: 1.00:1.
Fifth Gear: 0.783:1.
Reverse: -3.768:1.

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About Toyota W58 Transmission

Toyota w58 Transmission is a well-known brand. It belongs to the W family of RWD/4WD. It is developed by Aisin. Generally, there are many similar things in between W transmission and other transmissions developed under aisin. There are different variants of this W family, there are various series in terms of W set one of them was W58.  All are very much similar in rigging proportion.

If we talk about its 5th rigging proportion, it’s different from W57. This is also known and prominent for vulnerable stock tusk in a distinct automobile. It is mainly used for reinstatement. And after that next edition launch in Mk3, Mk4 Surpass, and Lexus SC 300s. There were two different categories, the first and the real one were organized non-turbo supra, Celica’s, and one more Cressida’s of the 1980s.

Toyota made some modifications to its plates, Toyota starts using steel plates in place of alloy plates in the year 1989. Steel plates are considered strong and much little different from other plates.

Toyota’s W family has the same composite edition in W58 as it has in other W- procession transmission. As compared to compound plates steel plates are very much durable and hard. It is much more admirable five times than the alloys edition.

Features of W58 Transmission for Sale

Toyota transmission of W58 has abandoned bolts used in it as it was before. W58 has an enormous ratio of closest and gearing of W-sequel transmittal.  It is very much like W57.

“Cease-proportion transmission” the name is assigned to W58. The close-proportion box has some conditions which are not fit for the stock of W58.

This Toyota transmission w58 is widely used in many automobiles some of them are Lexus SC300, Lotus Excel, Toyota Sourer, Toyota Celica, Toyota MK 2 Celiac Supra, Toyota MK 3 non-turbo Supra.

Toyota W58 transmission for sale is a powerful and impressive version of W-family. First gear: 3.285:1, second gear: 1:894:1, third gear: 1.275:1, fourth gear: 1.00:1, fifth gear : 0.783:1, Reverse: -3.768:1.

Toyota W58 transmission epithet at slight 4XXHP. It is not specific what power can it hold but it very much depends upon how you handle your vehicle and how you drive. Some people can drive 68k miles on the tyranny.

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    Surprisingly quick service, especially considering the Covid19 pandemic, lockdown, curfew, etc.. Professional in every way, from receiving my order w58 Transmission, supplying the parts exactly as requested, keeping me informed and finally delivering the parts at my doorstep. A very satisfied customer.

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Ans. This W58 is the most famous and demanding version of W-family of Toyota motors. This is a version which is alternate for less powerful transmittal in another automobile.

Ans. There were many cars of different names, some of them are 1993-1998 Toyota MK 4 non-turbo Supra, 1986 Toyota Soarer, 1982-1992 Lotus Excel.

Ans. Yes, r154 has no access panel on it. For the W58 there is the slave cylinder, the bleeder is at a 180-degree angle in the r154 to its inlet hose.

Ans. R154 has five momentum transmittal that is found in Toyota crown, Toyota mark II tourer v, Toyota crests are also there.

Ans. The return policy specifies that if goods received to the customer are damaged then the customer will get the full refund if product cannot be replaced.

But if product is not damaged and customer wants refund, then he will have to bear 25% commission along with the shipping cost as well.


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