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2001 Honda Civic Manual Transmission


  • Manufacturer Part Number: 20011-PLW-B60
  • Brand: Honda
  • Gear Count: 5
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Other Part Number: SLW
SKU: P6IC2 Category: Transmission


Honda is a favorite name of everyone. Honda’s automobiles are fuel-efficient. It has a two-door coupe with a four-door sedan. Honda Civic has a hearty passage. This Honda civic is accessible in basis DX, and also a top-line EX prune. Transmission preferences contained a five-speed manual or four-speed spontaneous. For the EX models, the anti-lock brakes are regular.

Inward the slight automobile, the Civic is wide.

For this Honda Civic transmission, the twitch and finish are best at their place and constraints and apparatuses are easy and obvious. This overall vehicle is immense. The Honda Civic is credible and the expenditure charge is not high.

Sometimes this 2001 Honda civic manual transmission has some issues like trickling starting struts due to the jabbing or clunking sound in the beginning. There can be the charge of replacement of struts around $600. Bad starting lower supervision arm bushing may be the reason for clicking tone from the beginning end. There are several complaints regarding voluntary transmission.  Alternate voluntary transmission with an accustomed unit may cost $1,000.

A head stopper might trickle at loftier mileage. If you have any issue with your gasket you can replace your stopper with the charge of $950.

Honda civic manual transmission of 2011, its civic machine is of 115 hp 1.7 liters. 16 valve SOHC engine.

The timing belt of this engine should be restored at its appropriate periods. Having timely replacement and services makes its transmission smooth and long-lasting.

For the year 2001, this Honda civic transmission is an interference engine for a 1.7L motor. There is a possibility of the bruising engine due to the timing belt cracks. For the replacement of the timing belt, the cost would be around $500.

In 2002, the sporty debuted but it was not last running, and very much popular in the market.

There was a time of elevated revving of 160hp. 2.0L DOHC engine, manual transmission.

2001 Honda civic manual transmission got a 5-star grade for the decent frontal crash queries. This test was done by the Insurance Institute for expressway security, so that’s why it has high ratings.

The best part of the 2001 Honda civic manual transmission has less charge in Maintenance and fuel economy is also perfect.

The drawback of this Honda Civic is it has some noise problems.

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