The Used AC Compressor is the power unit of an air-conditioning system where the refrigerant is under pressure and then it just pumps it into the condenser, which changes from a gas to a liquid.

Compressor working at it’s the best condition results the best performance of the air-conditioning system. In the cars mostly A/C compressors are functioning by an engine-accessory belt. This belt should be in good working condition because if this belt slips, the compressor is not able to give its full strength. Sometimes the compressor also leaks its refrigerant, so A/C does not cool at its full strength. And less cold air of A/C also affects internal performance and parts of air-conditioning.

What a/c actually does is compressor it has raised its temperature and pressure of the refrigerant is also raised. That refrigerant will flow to the refrigerant which has low pressure in the evaporator coil. Increasing temperature by the compressor is necessary so that removing heat from inside the room to the condenser can be finished.

When we talk about A/C the very first thing that comes to our mind is the compressor, which is the most important thing for the A/C.

A/C compressor is an easy thing, it’s expensive as well as not an easy task to set up, fix it and repair it.

Most of the issues we see in an AC Compressor is a low refrigerant charge, if refrigerant lines of the system are cracked and refrigerant starts leaking due to this reason system refrigerant charge decreases. Sometimes you feel that your system is not cooling according to your room or settings then there may be a reason for leakage. One thing to remember is that these kinds of issues and symptoms in your AC and AC Compressor should not be ignored. It may cause problems or failure of the compressor. Failure of the compressor will cost you a big amount.

Other reasons could be dirt in the coil of the condenser. Blocked or damaged suction lines can affect refrigerant lines and cooling capacity. Electrical issues can also cause issues and failures.

Compressors are usually placed on the rooftops so there is a lot of dirt, dust, debris which get inside the compressor can cause malfunction and failure. For preventing the failure of a compressor, and other problems oiling and lubricant is must, as lubricant works like blood in its heart which is the compressor of the air-conditioner.

AC Compressor comes in various types but works all same things in a different manner like having a positive side and drawbacks differently.

The most popular type of AC Compressor is a reciprocating compressor which has up to 7-8 cylinders within the compressor, it’s very efficient also.



  • Scroll AC Compressor has one fixed coil in the center called the scroll as the name suggests, and another coil rotates around it. It’s also one of the very popular compressors.
  • Screw AC compressor is another reliable compressor, but mainly used for large areas like the building which needs continuous cooling, Screw compressor contains large helical rotors that help to move the air from one to the other end.
  • Rotary AC Compressor is useful for a place that needs silence. Like it’s small and noiseless.
  • Centrifugal AC Compressor it’s centrifugal force pulls in the refrigerant gas, and then spins it rapidly with a small device that helps to compress it.
  • The largest and biggest good quality car ac compressors exporters worldwide are China.

Some brands which produce automotive AC Compressors like Valeo, Denso, Delphi, Sanden, Bosch, Hitachi, etc. all are big brands for AC compressor production.

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