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g37 sedan spyder headlights


Item Weight 29.2 pounds
Package Dimensions 30 x 29 x 15 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 9-P1IG374D10C
Position Rear
Bulb Type Low Beam: D2S / High Beam: H7

SKU: SI2O7 Category:


SPYDER AUTO which was established in 2006 is one of the leading aftermarket suppliers of locomotive parts in the United States. g37 sedan spyder headlights were one of the famous among them.They offer a very fresh and innovative design of headlights that provide sufficient lighting to your car as a headlight is one of the most essential parts of vehicles.

It specializes in all types of locomotive headlights like, led tail lights, led fog lights, projector headlights, and crystal headlights. It also has a digital presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube where they connect with people and help them solve their queries. Some of the queries have been listed below in FAQ’S.


G37 SEDAN SPYDER HEADLIGHT is a type of projector headlight available in 3 models- 2 LED models and 1 HALOGEN model. Now the halogen and 1 LED model is compatible with HID bulbs and the remaining 1 LED model is compatible with halogen. They enhance the appearance and noticeability of your vehicle. Makers of this headlight are ISO certified and they meet all the standard requirements which are necessary.

The installation part of SPYDER HEADLIGHTS FOR G37 SEDAN is not that complex because this light comes already preassembled and you just need to connect the wires of light with that of the car. Just splice the wires and join them respectively, but if you find it complex you may visit a mechanic.

The SPYDER HEADLIGHTS FOR G37 SEDAN is a halogen model and its signature series supports both high beam and low beam. Now since it is a halogen model that means that you cannot use any extra accessories like LED strip or HID bulbs. Doing so will void the company’s product’s warranty.


  1.  Very distinctive: As discussed above that this headlight illuminates pure bright white light, this light can be used for daily commuting as it is a daytime running light as well as a night vision light also. It provides a good amount of visibility at night time also. This is a showstopper on road.
  2.  Battery consumption: When compared to normal bulbs and lights these ones proved to consume less battery. No matter these lights are brighter than others, regardless of that they consume less battery.
  3.  Color variants: these headlights are available in variants like black, smoke, chrome, Smokey black. These colors can blend into your car and the aesthetics will surely enhance the overall looks providing you the complete clarity.
  4. Design: without spending a significant amount of money you can consider buying these headlights to enhance the overall looks of your automotive. They provide excellent value for money.
  5.  Adaptable to every weather: these headlights provide you equal visibility in every weather, be it rainy or ample sunlight. Efficiency is higher. Whether low beam or high beam, visibility is excellent.


[faq]Q 1. Do the headlights come with bulbs?|=|Ans. As earlier discussed the 2 models are compatible with HID bulbs so in those models the bulbs are included but in the other model compatible with halogen, the bulbs are not included.|SEP|Q 2. Anything extra or different parts needed for installation?|=|Ans. Yes, you need some mounts and connectors along with this light. If you can’t manage or if you find it complex you may take it to a garage and get it installed.|SEP|Q 3. How to wire the lights or fix the lights?|=|Ans. The light comes preassembled but there will be some wiring work that you would be needed to do. But that is pretty simple, joining the wires only and for that the videos are available on the company’s site and YouTube.|SEP|Q 4. How do I adjust my Spyder headlights?|=|Ans. The headlights consist of 2 adjustment studs. One helps you in adjusting the light up-down, and the second helps you in changing the light on the left and right direction.|SEP|Q 5. Can we change the light color or go from high beam to low beam?|=|Ans. Yes, you can keep the color white or change it to yellow, and if you connect the wires of existing bulbs to this headlight definitely you can go from high beam to low beam.[/faq]


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