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Used Toyota 22RE Crate Engine for Sale

Brand: Toyota
Engine: 22RE
Condition: used
Fuel: Carburetor
Material: Aluminum and Zinc
Warranty: Up to 2 years
Serial number:
Horsepower: 135 hp 4900 RPM
Torque: 152 lb-ft 2900 RPM
Compression ratio: 9:0:1
Weight: 6.3 pounds
Bore size: 3.62 inches (92 mm)
Stroke size: 3.50 inches (89 mm)

SKU: 5JZSQ Category: Engine


Description of Toyota 22RE engine for sale

Are you looking for a turbocharged Toyota 22RE engine for sale?

We are selling a Toyota 22RE or 22R 2.4 L long block crate engine at the best deal. Avail it now before it gets out of stock with a long warranty. The bang of your-buck 22RE crate engine has a higher potential to be the top engine you should go with. It has a horsepower of 135hp with 152 lb-ft torque weighing 6.3 pounds; bore and stroke sizes are 3.62 inches (92 mm) and 3.50 inches (89 mm) respectively. The Toyota 22RE engine with aluminum and zinc body and metal radiator fixed; the compression ratio of the Toyota engine is 9:0:1. This crate engine is trustable as fully-tested; always the major outdated parts are replaced with updated ones.

Features of Toyota 22RE engine for sale

In top models of Toyota Company like SUVs, Toyota Hilux, standard pickup trucks, and 4 runners you will find them powered by Toyota 22RE engine. Toyota R series is well known for producing inline-four gasoline automobile engines; the engines gain fame because of their durability and fuel efficiency qualities. These engines were manufactured between 1985 to 1995. Toyota engines are reliable and proven for the long term, installation of advanced parts and replacement of outdated parts keep progressing the authenticity and durability of the Toyota engines.

Toyota Company has installed vital parts into Toyota 22R series to overall increase its efficiency and performance. For that, the company has induced crucial parts like wind chill fluid bottle, mass flow air sensor Toyota 22RE engines come with PCV valve. The compression ratio of 9:0:1 assists in the acceleration of the engine and boosts its potential. The body is designed from aluminum and zinc for firm performance and for stable and protective functioning. The radiator is another prominent part of the Toyota engine that many of its users search for, they prefer metal radiator that has the potential to last longer than radiators of other materials. Toyota 22RE is a fuel-efficient engine that never led its users down because of any of its parts. It has installed EGR (Exhaust Gas Circulation) system with EGR Modulator; it reduces the number of nitrogen oxides.

History of Toyota 22RE engine

Toyota 22RE engines are immensely known for their longevity and fuel efficiency. These engines were first introduced in 1982, just a year after the 2.4 liter Toyota 22R appeared in 1981, and these engines are chain-driven interferences engines. Until 1995 the production of the Toyota 22RE continued and it became a fuel-injected model of the 22R engine.  After the year 1985 Toyota 22RE engines were developed with taller blocks and smaller heads.

Initially, in 1985, the output of these engines was 105 horsepower at 4,800 RPM and 136 lb-ft torque at 2,800 RPM, the company persistently reworked the 22R engines to incline its potential in every aspect and the horsepower increased to 113 and at 4,800 RPM and 140 lb-ft at 3,600 RPM, that’s why there are minor differences between 22RE and 22R engines.


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