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Used Ford 302 Crate Engine for sale

Brand: Ford
Engine: 302
Another name: Windsor 302
Displacement: 302 cubic inches
Fuel type: carbureted
Block: Iron Boss 302
Weight: 440
Horsepower: 250 Hp
Torque: 330 lb-ft
Bore : 4.06 inches
Store: 00 inches
Camshaft type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Compression ratio: 8.5:1

SKU: O8P2W Category: Engine


Description of used Ford 302 Engine for sale

No need to look further in search of Ford motors 302 crate engine all because the best-selling and worth purchasing Ford 302 crate engine is available at our store at the best deal of $5100; it is in used condition however, it is properly managed, the dimensions of this engine is the length of 27.50” width of 18.75:” and height of 20.75”. It has a compression ratio of 8.5:1 to wield 250 horsepower and 330 ft.-lbs. of torque also, the bore size is 4.06 inches and stroke size is 3.00 inches. The exclusively tested used ford 302 engine for sale comes with a hydraulic flat tappet camshaft weighing 440 pounds, and a displacement of 5.0 liters.

You must be hunting for the ford 302 engine for sale that would last long and we are here with the perfect solution known for its reliability and power generation. The ford produces 302 Ford engines in large in case you need spare parts they are available too.

Features of ford 302 Crate Engine for Sale

Ford produced 302 engines from 1968 to 1978, this engine is also known as Windsor engines because the production of Ford 302 commenced in Windsor for over a decade, though 302 engines is referred to as Windsor informally as the Ford hasn’t used the Windsor name officially.  During these ten years Ford made numerable changes to the engine to accelerate its productivity and the outcome is a reliable and durable 302 crate engine, it is a small block V8 engine. The constant changes that are visible till the date are the enlargement in valve stems that come with rotating lash caps, and upgraded rocker studs.

Before moving out these engines, they went for hours under dyno tested. The body is cast iron and the use of nickel is supplemented in the production of the engine to increase the life of an engine we know that Ford Motors is purely known for its durable and reliable engines. 302 Ford engines come up with camshaft bearings installed into it, with installed and sealed freeze plugs and oil gally plugs. The engine has a displacement of 4.9 L, nevertheless, it is also known as a 5.0-liter engine from the year 1978. Ford engines 302 V8 have powered many models of Lincoln, Ford, Mustang, Granada, Monarch, F150, LTD, and Marquis and many more.

History of Ford 302 Engine

In 1972 due to the emission regulations, drastic changes were made in the model Ford 302 engine that led to a reduction in compression ratio to 9.0:1 and also declining the horsepower to 210 HP later in 1975 the horsepower was dropped to 122 HP and after the introduction of fuel injection in 1980s power ratings rose to 210 HP. Ford planned to replace the small block with a new modular V8 engine and in 1991 it did it thereafter, in 2001 SUV became the last one for the installation of the engine. The previous models of the 302 engine went under alterations to increase the efficiency of the vehicle, modifications were made in castings too that improved water flows into the radiator. However, the production of the Ford 302 engine ended in 1995.


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