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6.2 l V8 Ford Crate Engine for Sale

Brand: Ford
Another name: Ford Hurricane
Condition: used
Engine: 6.2 L (SOHC)
Displacement: 379 cubic inches
Towing capacity: 15,000 lbs
Fuel: Gasoline
No. of cylinders: 8
Serial number:
Horsepower: 385 hp
Torque: 430 lb-ft
Compression ratio: 9:8:1
Bore size: 4.53 inches (115.1 mm)
Stroke size: 3.75 inches (95 mm)
Warranty: Up to 12 months

SKU: D67B7 Category: Engine

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Description of Ford 6.2 Engine for sale

We are here offering you the praiseworthy ford 6.2 engine for sale V8 aspirated engine with the best deal in used condition and fully tested. This Ford 6.2 L consists of two valves per cylinder; total 8 cylinders are present into it, with shaft rockers and two spark plugs connected in each cylinder. With 16 spark plugs connection there exists lesser probability of ignition or spark occurrences. The engine has 4.53 inches (115 mm) bore size and 3.75 inches (95 mm) stroke size, and a displacement of 379 cubic inches, giving the power of 385 horsepower 430 lb-ft torque. The compression ratio of this Ford engine is 9.8:1, 15,000 as its towing capacity. Go through the information twice however if you are in search of a Ford 6.2 crate engine then don’t miss buying this fully tested in good condition engine. This deal comes with a warranty of up to 12 months; grab it now!

Features of 6.2 L V8 Ford Engine for sale

The praiseworthy and worth cost Ford’s 6.2 L V8 engine has excelled features than previous produced V8 engines, these Ford engines were first introduced in 2010 by Ford Motors, especially for the applications in trucks. The initial name or say, the codename of 6.2 engines was Ford Hurricane that was exclusively produced as truck engines for this cause the cylinders was cast with iron to increase their life and performance. The unique and acknowledging feature of the 6.2 L engine emerged with its wider bore space is 4.53 inches (115 mm), in the previous V8 engines the bore space was limitedly produced that ranged up to 100 mm. The wider bore space had tackled existing issues in the functioning of V8s, also it permits larger displacement with negligible friction and weight; this engines were especially produced for the applying them in heavy load trucks, in trucks the larger bore size assists in increasing displacement. The longevity of the engines also depends on the rider’s attitude towards the engines if it is taken care of and managed efficiently then it can run for up to 500,000 miles without any complaint if used properly.

The Ford 6.2 L engine is the first boss engine produced by the Ford; Ford named V8 engines as Boss engines in 2002. Ford 6.2 engines have overall 16 spark plugs 2 in each cylinder this potential engine comes up with shaft rockers and consists of a single overhead cam these some crucial features of 6.2 has made it popular that results in fuel economy, no ignition, and spark because of 16  spark plugs installation, provide good power and cost-effective. This standard engine is proven reliable and durable, some of the applications for the Ford6.2 L V8 include: F-150 Harley Davidson, F-150 Raptor, Ford F series, Ford E-series, in Ford Super Duty


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