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Used V8 Ford 460 Crate Engine for Sale

Engine type: 351 based small block Ford
Displacement: 7.5 L
Fuel type: Gasoline
Weight: 720 pounds
Bore : 4.360 inches
Store: 3.850 inches
Block: 9.5″ deck boss block
Camshaft type: Hydraulic Roller
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum “Z” Cylinder Heads
Intake valve size: 2.02 inches
Exhaust valve size: 1.60 inches
Compression ratio: 10.5:1

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Description of Ford 460 engine for sale

You have visited the correct place for the search of used Ford 460 engine for sale, 575 hp crate engine, also refer by Z460 engine. We are here to provide you with a genuine used Ford 460 crate engine. Z460 engines manufactured by the Ford Company are the breakthrough engines ever produced. The dimensions of Ford 460 engines are 34 inches, 32 inches and 30 inches. 460 cubic inches engine has the bore size and stroke size of 4.360” inches and 3.850″ inches respectively, the compression ratio is 10:5:1 with 9.5 deck boss block. Accelerating 575 horsepower and 575 torque is an appreciable feature of 460 engines, it functions on premium unleaded pump gas.

The engine is feasible to run on the street as well as on track with the Hydraulic roller type of Camshaft. The crate engine is built with current available genuine parts. If you are in search of an engine that would come up with durability then go with 460, 575 hp boss crate engine. As you choose Ford 460 engine you are given a warranty for up to 2 years and 24,000 miles.

Features of Ford 460 engine for sale

Ford motors have produced the durable big block V8 engine that powers with 575 horsepower and 575 lb-ft torque. This engine is exceedingly street-able and can be run on track; 460 engines function on premium unleaded pump gas. This installed fuel pump allows a mechanical fuel pump. Ford 460 engines are V8 aspirated engines. Ford Motor Company has an internal name as ‘Boss block’ denoting the series of V8 engines. Ford introduced 460 engines in 1967, all until the while till late 1990 it regularly made modifications to design, and kept updating the parts of 460 engines to elevate the potential and overall functioning of the automobile.

These big block long lasting Ford 460 engines are applied in well-liked Ford vehicles Lincoln Continental Mark III, Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, Ford & Mercury Full-Size Vehicles, Ford & Mercury Mid-Size Vehicles, Ford F-Series, and Ford E-Series. Then, in 1988 new breakthrough emerged which is the fuel injection feature. During the 3 decades from the introduction of 460 engines in 1968 till 1990’s 460 engine gave fruitful and admiring results to its customers as these engines undoubtedly lasted long.

History of Ford 460 engine

Ford produced 460 engines from 1968 until 1998, over these 30 years the horsepower of the engine ranged from 190 hp to 245 hp. Also, the changes were constant to bring out the best of best engine in the ford’s history; modifications were made in the field of the camshaft, adjusted the compression ratio, and rebuilt the designs, and heads that created trouble in the 1970s. Then, in 1988 new breakthrough emerged which is the fuel injection feature.


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