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Nissan SR20det engine for sale

  • Displacement: 1998cc (2.0 liter)
  • Cam Type: DOHC 16 valve, chain-driven cam sprockets.
  • Bore & Stroke 86mm x 86mm.
  • Compression: 8.5:1.
  • Horsepower: 205ps @ 6000rpm.
  • Torque: 203 ft/lbs @ 4000rpm.
  • Stock Boost: 7 psi.
  • Throttle Body Bore: 60mm.
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If you’re on a search for Nissan SR20det engine for sale, then we don’t blame you. Nissan is a Japanese automobile company, known for using enviable technology in the manufacture of their cars. It was founded in 1933, more than 80 years ago by Yoshisuke Aikawa. The company is now famous for designing, producing, and selling its cars themselves. 

If you are the proud owner of a Nissan Car, then you must know all about its smooth functionalities. If you rebuilding your car or swiping its engine with a Nissan sr20det then you can read on further to know all about this magnificent engine. 

About Nissan Sr20det engine

This engine was a part of the SR series. It was launched in the year 1989, accompanying the Nissan Bluebird. It was kept into production for a sum total of 13 years, which is along with life for a powerful engine. What made the engine so legendary was its use in top-level competition cars. 

As the name suggests, the Nissan SR20det engine stands for a 2.0 liter SR engine, with a dual overhead camshaft, electric fuel injections, and Turbocharged. The engine had a great run for all its two decades of production until it was finally stopped to make way for newer things.

The engine comes in the category of one of the best 4 cylinder engines ever made by Nissan. It is also prone to a good amount of tuning so that you can add on any more features you like. 


Features of the engine

  • The Nissan sr20det is essentially a high-powered inline 4 cylinder engine that has been fit into a variety of cars. They are mounted longitudinally.
  • It provides compression of 8:5:1 with a T-25G turbo.
  • It offers its drivers 16 valves, which boast a Variable Valve Timing system.
  • The Nissan SR20det engine has been a part of several iconic cars, such as Bluebird, Pulsar, Nissan Sunny, Silvia, Liberty, etc.
  • The engine provides an impressive horsepower of 247 HP.
  • For an engine such as this, it is advisable to give it an oil change after every 7000 Kms to 10000 Kms. 

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[faq]Q 1. How much horsepower can the Nissan SR20det handle?|=|Ans. The engine without cracking any valvecover, should be able to handle about 400- 410 WHP.|SEP|Q 2. What can be some common problems faced in this engines?|=|Ans. You can expect a great run regarding almost all aspects of this Nissan sr20det engine, however sometimes you can face issue in the mass air flow sensor or the idle air control. |SEP|Q 3. What would be the realistic average lifespan of the sr20det?|=|Ans. If you have taken a good care of your engine, with timely oil changes, it can give you a life of anywhere between 150K to 200K miles.
|SEP|Q 4. How many quarts of oil would a Nissan sr20det engine require?|=|Ans. It has been observed that this engine will manage to hold about 3.5 quarts of oil.|SEP|Q 5. How reliable is a sr20det engine?|=|Ans. The Nissan sr20det is an extremely reliable engine, sometimes providing drivers with even a lifespan of 700,000 miles, with a [/faq]


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