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Nissan SR20Det Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 205-250
Displacement: 2 L
Model: SR20DET
Weight: 330 pounds
Torque: 210 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly new, Used.


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About Nissan SR20Det Engine for Sale

SR20DET is regarded as one of the best engines ever produced by the Japanese automobile giant, Nissan. A member of Nissan’s SR family of engines, this Nissan SR20DET Engine for sale at find auto parts online was produced in the time period of 1989-2002. It is a turbocharged version of the SR20DE engine and is a replacement of the CA18DET engine.

Applications of SR20DET Engine

  • Nissan Silvia (S13, S14, S15): This series is the most notable and common application of the SR20DET, while others are simply derivatives of this series. The engine was cited as offering an impressive power to weight ratio and good mechanical longevity, reasons that cement the Silvia as a fan favourite.
  • Nissan 180SX/200SX/240SX: This was essentially the case depending on the market, with cars being fitted with the SR20DET especially in markets such as Japan and Europe. These models were infamous for their use in drifting and any other related automobile sport.
  • Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (N14): A conservative hatchback was equipped with an SR20DET in a transverse type to increase the car’s reliability and offering high performance and rallying features.
  • Classic Datsun Vehicles: Some fans replace the capacities of new SR20DET engines into older Datsun 510s and 240Zs cars to give those old cars the strong and dependable engines they need.
  • Toyota AE86: The ae86 is lightweight with a neatly balanced chassis, but is immensely satisfying when having an SR20det injected into what is essentially a drift car .
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata: The Miata with its lightweight has a perfect pairing with the SR20DET combo to make a sleek and powerful sports car.
  • Kit Cars: Because of its dimensions and power output, it is a favourite among users in kit cars to create the right power to reliability ratio.

Features of SR20DET Engine

  • Turbocharger: Another feature which is incorporated in this SR20Det engine for sale  is the use of a turbocharger which assists in increasing the engine power. There were several options of engines, each of which was equipped with varying turbochargers Garrett T25 and T28 models.
  • Intercooler: The automobile built with an intercooler to cool the air compressed with the turbocharger thus boost the efficiency and power of the factory.
  • Fuel Injection: EFI, a system allowing for a better spraying of fuel and consequently, better driving performance and fuel economy.
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU): This is usually an enhanced version of the engine control unit ECU equipped in tis  SR20Det engine for sale, which controls the engine’s fuel and ignition systems for improved functionality and customization.
  • DOHC: Dual Overhead Camshafts in this are associated with increased air flow and efficiency by offering more accurate valves control.
  • 4-Valve per Cylinder: Requires a 16-valve arrangement of the head (4 valves per cylinder) to improve the volume of the drawn air mass, ignition of the air fuel mixture, and engine power output.
  • Variable Valve Timing (VVT): Some models of SR20DET include the S14 and S15 that come with the Nissan’s VVT that controls valves to increase engine performance and efficient fuel consumption.
  • Oil Squirters: Oil squirters directed at the piston helps in cooling of the pistons which are very important for high performance engines as they need to run at very high temperatures.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Organized to reflect the capacities of the greater heat load due to turbocharging, thus maintaining stability and dependability.
  • Forged Components: In some models, forged internals may be of high quality, allowing for some increases in power due to aftermarket modifications.
  • Power Output: ‘Stock’ power output is between 202 to 250 horsepower, but I presume it varies with model and market. Between 203 and 275 Nm (150 and 203 lb-ft) torque, which enables smooth acceleration in numerous revs. Between 6000-7000 RPM, which is surprisingly high for a turbocharged engine, yet this, in turn, would give quite a flat power curve.
  • VTC (Variable Timing Control): found in the later models that included the S14 and S15 models, helping to advance the performance and efficiency bar through adjusting the timing of the intake camshaft. Spark ignition for better coils on plug efficiency in On-Plug Ignition System.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find this absolute beast on an engine made by the japanese. This SR20Det engine for sale on Find Auto Parts Online is the perfect match for those who have a soft spot for drifting or motosports or whatnot, the engine is highly compatible.

Myth Busters

  • Myth: The SR20DET is unreliable.
    Reality: While any engine can encounter issues if not properly maintained or modified, the SR20DET is generally considered to be a robust and reliable powerplant when cared for correctly. With routine maintenance and proper tuning, it can provide years of trouble-free performance. Its reputation for reliability is evidenced by its widespread use in motorsports and enthusiast builds.
  • Myth: The SR20DET is expensive to maintain.
    Reality: Like any performance engine, maintenance costs can vary depending on usage and modifications. However, the SR20DET’s popularity means that there is a wide availability of aftermarket and OEM parts at various price points, making maintenance relatively affordable compared to some other high-performance engines. Additionally, its simple design and widespread knowledge among enthusiasts can reduce labor costs for repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Myth: The SR20DET is difficult to tune.
    Reality: While tuning any engine for optimal performance requires expertise, the SR20DET benefits from a vast amount of aftermarket support and a wealth of knowledge within the automotive community. With the right tools and resources, tuning the SR20DET can be straightforward, especially with the availability of plug-and-play engine management systems and tuning software. Many enthusiasts have successfully tuned their SR20DET engines to achieve impressive power gains while maintaining reliability.
  • Myth: The SR20DET is not suitable for daily driving.
    Reality: While the SR20DET is often associated with high-performance applications and motorsports, it can also be a practical choice for daily driving. Its turbocharged power delivery provides ample torque for city and highway driving, and its reliability and fuel efficiency make it a viable option for daily commuters. With proper tuning and maintenance, the SR20DET can offer a balance of performance and practicality for daily.

Additional information

Engine Configuration

Inline 4 cylinder, DOHC, 16 Valves


86.0 mm



Compression Ratio




Combustion System

Direct Injection

Rotation from Flywheel End



1980 Nissan SR20DET engine

2 reviews for Nissan SR20Det Engine for Sale

  1. Zlatan Kane

    After searching for a while, I decided to purchase a Nissan SR20DET engine from Find Auto Parts Online. The customer service was excellent, and they helped me find the right engine for my Nissan 200SX. Installation was straightforward, and the engine performs great!

  2. Sophia Lee

    I found Find Auto Parts Online while looking for a replacement Nissan SR20DET engine. They had a good selection, and the pricing was competitive. The engine arrived on time, and I’m pleased with how it’s performing in my Nissan Silvia. Would recommend!

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Product Q&A

Availability of Nissan sr20 engine for sale ?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find this absolute beast on an engine made by the japanese. This SR20 DET engine for sale on Find Auto Parts Online is the perfect match for those who have a soft spot for drifting or motosports or whatnot, the engine is highly compatible. Contact here.

What other vehicles Can the SR20DET engine be swapped into ?

Yes, the compact size and performance potential of the SR20DET engine make it a popular choice for engine swaps into a wide range of vehicles, including classic cars, sports cars, and even some trucks and SUVs.

What vehicles originally came with the SR20DET engine?

The SR20DET engine was primarily used in various Nissan models, including the Silvia (S13, S14, S15), 180SX, 200SX, 240SX, and the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (N14).
Nissan SR20Det Engine for Sale
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