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Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 526
Displacement: 5.2 L
Weight: 529 Pounds
Torque: 429 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly used, used


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About Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for Sale

The Ford 5.2 Voodoo engine was first introduced to the world with the Shelby Mustang GT350, the beast roaring on the highways had another beast under its hood. This Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online features a distinctive feature alongside its high power output i.e. a flat plane crankshaft.

The Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine Fits

  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 (2015-2020)
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R (2015-2020)

Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine’s Flat Plane Crankshaft

One of the most distinctive features of the Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine is its Flat Plane Crankshaft. Connecting rods are attached to a flat-plane crankshaft 180 degrees away from one another, what this means is that compared to a standard V8 crankshaft, a flat-plane V8 crankshaft functions more like a four-cylinder crankshaft. So the pistons will always alternate between the engine’s two sides as they rise and fall.

The benefit from all of this is that the engine can rev higher and faster since the crankshaft requires fewer counterweights. This kind of crankshaft is found in expensive sports vehicles such as Ferraris. This is also the source of the distinctive, higher-pitched engine sound that distinguishes Ferraris. 

This 5.2 Voodoo engine for sale here has a perfect blend of a flat-plane wailing with an American V8 grunt. It also provides evenly spaced exhaust pulses, eliminating the need for complex exhaust channels to the exhaust manifolds.

Why buy the 5.2 Voodoo Engine?

  • Power Output: The Voodoo engine offers 526 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque, which are relatively high and represent its power and performance outlooks.
  • High Revving: It has a redline of 8,250 RPM, and the experience when driving this car, is so unique compared to other V8 engines as it has a relatively high-revving feature.
  • Lightweight Components: They include forged aluminum pistons and titanium connecting ensuring it has strength as well as being efficient.
  • Distinct Exhaust Note: That flat-plane crankshaft design removes many of the resonant sounds of traditional American V8 engines, and it makes the Voodoo sound especially exotic.

Would the 5.2 Voodoo Engine suit me?

Depends on what you want…

    • Mustang Enthusiast?: If you are planning to build a high-performance Mustang, especially a Shelby GT350 or GT350R, then this Voodoo engine for sale at our store is the perfect find.
    • Love the Exotic Sound?: I mean who doesn’t love that ‘vroom-vroom’ sound of a V8 engine, with the Voodoo 5.2, the high-pitched exhaust note is ear-pleasing. 
    • High-Performance Driving? The Voodoo Engine is the perfect match for you if you are looking for an engine with spirited driving. The high horsepower, high-revving nature, and quick throttle response…all good.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find the Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for sale at the perfect price. Equipped with a flat plane crankshaft, this is a unique engine. On our site here, we have a Voodoo engine for sale, and notably, it’s not sold by Ford as a separate article, so it’s a hot and great opportunity for you to grab it while we have it.

More Features

  • The block is line-honed, decked, and Honed with Dual Torque Plates.
  • RPG Spec Ultra Series Pistons 3.700″ Bore 12:1CR
  • Manley/ Oliver Pro Series I Beam Connecting Rods with ARP2000 Bolts
  • Total Seal Piston Rings
  • Clevite Coated Rod and Main Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs and Side Bolts
  • Balanced and assembled to Competition level specifications.

Additional information

Engine Block Material


Cylinder Head Material


Valve Train

DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder

Piston Stroke

3.65 in

Cylinder Bore

3.70 in

Compression Ratio


Fuel System

Electronic fuel injection

Fuel Type

Premium unleaded gasoline

Exhaust System

Dual exhaust with quad tips

Oil Capacity

10 quarts


2016 Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine

2 reviews for Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for Sale

  1. Jan Haaland

    Great experience purchasing my 5.2 Voodoo engine from Find Auto Parts Online. Competitive pricing and fast shipping. The engine was in excellent condition, exactly as described. Highly recommend!

  2. Marco

    I’m impressed with the quality of service from Find Auto Parts Online. They helped me find the right 5.2 Voodoo engine for my project car. Engine arrived on time and works perfectly. Thank you!

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Product Q&A

Availability of Voodoo Engine for sale?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find the Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for sale at the perfect price. Equipped with a flat plane crankshaft, this is a unique engine. On our site here, we have a Voodoo engine for sale, and notably, it's not sold by Ford as a separate article, so it's a hot and great opportunity for you to grab it while we have it.

What is the price of the Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find the Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for sale at the perfect price. Please call or Contact us here.

What makes the Voodoo engine to be different from other V8 engines?

The voodoo designs include the flat-plane crankshaft, which is not usually found in most American V8s. This design also gives a chance for the higher redline, better-sounding exhaust, and overall characteristics of the car.

Is there a way to increase the performance of the Voodoo engine any further?

Yes, to a certain extent, it can be considered that the Voodoo engine is quite compatible with several modifications, which are intake systems, exhaust systems, camshafts, and engine tuning to make the engine performance higher.

Is the Voodoo engine designed for everyday usage or the model’s presentation only?

As for the frequent usage of the Voodoo engine, that will largely depend on the users, of course, the Voodoo engine is intended for applications that demand increased performance, however, if properly cared for, it is quite possible to use it daily. However, characteristics, such as power from a high-revving V6 which creates strong torque, can be different from features that are interesting for traditionally conservative users of roads.

How does the flat-plane crankshaft affect the engine's performance?

The flat-plane crankshaft allows for higher RPMs, quicker throttle response, and a unique, high-pitched exhaust note. However, it also results in increased vibration compared to cross-plane crankshafts.

Does the Voodoo engine use forced induction?

No, the Voodoo engine is naturally aspirated, meaning it does not use a turbocharger or supercharger.

Are there any emissions considerations with the Voodoo engine?

The Voodoo engine complies with the emissions standards applicable at the time of its manufacture.
Ford 5.2 Voodoo Engine for Sale
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