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Cummins 4BT Crate Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 105-130
Maker: Cummins Inc.
Model: Turbocharged, B series
Weight: 750-800 pounds
Torque: 265-294 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly new, Used.


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About 4BT Cummins Crate Engine for Sale

With its four cylinders (thus the name 4BT) and 3.9-litre displacement, the 4BT Cummins crate engine is well-known for its durability and reliability. They come pre-assembled and ready to install, which makes them perfect for custom projects or engine replacements. It is designed to comply with emissions regulations and can be customized to suit specific applications. This 4BT Cummins crate engine for sale is a well-liked option for both amateurs and pros due to its reputation for longevity and dependability. Because of its exceptional fuel efficiency, it is a cost-effective choice for extended use. For heavy-duty applications, this engine’s torque output is perfect due to its significant low-end power.

Application of 4BT Cummins Crate Engine

  • 4X4 Vehicles:  The 4BT Cummins crate engine would go into any 4×4 vehicles like the Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Land Rovers, Toyota FJ Cruisers, Toyota 4Runners, Nissan Xterras, Mercedes-Benz G500s, Ford F-150s, Ford Broncos, Ford Rangers, and even Chevy Colorados. 
  • Towing vehicles: The Cummins 4BT Crate Engine has better fuel efficiency and improved performance in terms of pulling capability when compared to gasoline engines. Thus, making them perfect for truck towing big loads or trailers.
  • Industrial applications: Its robust construction and straightforward design contribute towards its usage in generators, pumps and other industrial equipment
  • Agricultural equipment: The torque and fuel efficiency of the 4BT make it ideal for powering heavy-duty tractors and farm equipment.
  • Marine engines: Rebuilt maritime versions of the 4BT are suitable for certain boat applications because of their dependability in challenging conditions.

Key Features of 4Bt Cummins Crate Engine

  • Compact Size: The 4BT is relatively a compact engine, so within a limited space it can be used for several purposes such as vehicle swaps.
  • Sturdiness and Dependability: Constructed to endure intensive usage, the 4BT is renowned for its sturdy build and extended lifespan. Because of its durability, it is a favourite for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Oil Consumption: The 4BT possesses effectiveness in matters of oil consumption, which is ultimately a plus for both commercial and recreational purposes.
  • High Output Torque: The 4BT has a strong low-end torque rating of 265 to 294 lb-ft, which makes it appropriate for certain applications.
  • Maintenance Ease: Because the 4BT Cummins crate is mechanical, it has fewer electronic components, which makes maintenance and diagnostics easier. Simpler engine design and the availability of parts also make maintenance easier.
  • Reversing course: The 4BT Cummins crate engine is equipped with turbocharged architecture, what this does is that it does let the operating conditions dominate the performance. The turbocharged architecture increases or decreases the power output as per the conditions.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find what is affectionately referred to as “Baby Cummins” by car enthusiasts for its small size. This 4Bt Crate Engine for sale on “find auto parts online,”  with the capability of having a horsepower of 130 and a boost pressure of 30 psi, is a perfect match for those who love off-roading.

Myth Busters

  • Myth: Industrial 4BT engines cannot be modified for on-road use.
    Reality: While these versions, many of which are derived from gen-set applications, are often outfitted with a constant-speed injection pump, this should not deter you from purchasing an inexpensive take-out 4BT. Any respectable pump shop may adapt the pump’s governor section to variable speed operation (as necessary for on-road use). Another difficulty is turbo location (high or low mount), which is normally for packaging reasons but can be readily resolved with an exhaust manifold flip or replacement
  • Myth: The 4BT is too loud and rough for everyday use.
    Reality: Modern mounts and sound-dampening materials can significantly reduce noise and vibration. Upgraded exhaust systems also contribute to a quieter operation.
  • Myth: The Cummins 4BT is solely for industrial applications and isn’t meant for automotive use.
    Reality: The durable nature of 4BT makes it popular in industrial and agricultural equipment but it has successfully been adapted for automotive use as well. Its simplicity, reliability, and fuel efficiency make it a popular choice for off-road and overland builds.
  • Myth: The Cummins 4BT is too heavy for engine swaps in lighter vehicles.
    Reality: While the 4BT is heavier than many gasoline engines, it’s not prohibitively so. With proper suspension upgrades and modifications, it can be successfully swapped into a variety of vehicles, including Jeeps, small trucks, and SUVs.

Additional information

Cylinder Head

Cast Iron, cross-flow design with 2 valves per cylinder

Engine Block

Cast Iron, deep skirt design

Firing Order


Compression Ratio

17.5: 1


Direct Injection, Mechanical Injection Pump


Turbocharged, non-intercooler

Valve Train

OHV, 2 valves per cylinder


745-782 lbs. with oil

Oil Capacity

10 quarts


1983 Cummins 4BT Crate Engine

2 reviews for Cummins 4BT Crate Engine for Sale

  1. Samuel Levi

    I recently upgraded my vehicle with a Cummins 4BT Crate Engine from Find Auto Parts Online , and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The engine’s rotary configuration was perfect for my specific needs, and the turbocharger added an impressive power boost. The engine’s durability and efficiency are outstanding, and I can already tell that it will last me a long time. If you’re considering a Cummins 4BT Crate Engine, I highly recommend checking out Find Auto Parts Online.

  2. Michael Crouse

    I recently purchased a Cummins 4BT Crate Engine from Find Auto Parts Online , and I am thrilled with my decision. The engine is a remanufactured one, and it was rebuilt with new parts, ensuring its reliability. The team at Find Auto Parts Online was very helpful and provided excellent customer support throughout the purchasing process. The price was also quite reasonable, considering the quality of the engine. If you’re in the market for a remanufactured Cummins 4BT Crate Engine, I highly recommend considering Find Auto Parts Online.

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Product Q&A

What is the power range of the Cummins 4BT crate engine?

The power range of the Cummins 4BT crate engine is between 105 and 170 horsepower, depending on the specific configuration and modifications.

What is the torque output of the engine?

The Cummins 4BT crate engine has a torque output range of 265 to 420 lb-ft.

Can the engine be customized for specific applications?

Yes, the Cummins 4BT crate engine can be customized for specific applications.

Is the engine fuel-efficient?

Yes, the Cummins 4BT crate engine offers good fuel efficiency. making it an economical option for long-term use.

Where can I find a Cummins 4BT crate engine for sale?

The Cummins 4BT crate engine is for sale on Find Auto Parts Online.

Are there any potential issues with the engine?

Some users have reported issues with noise and vibration, especially in older or poorly maintained engines.

How much does this 4BT crate engine cost?

The price of a Cummins 4BT crate engine varies depending on the supplier, condition, and any additional modifications.

Is professional installation required for the crate engine?

Yes, the installation of a crate engine requires professional expertise and may involve additional costs for parts and labour.

What maintenance is required for the engine?

Regular maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections, is crucial to ensure the engine's longevity and optimal performance.
Cummins 4BT Crate Engine for Sale
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