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SM420 Transmission for Sale – Fully tested truck parts

  • Composition material:  Overall made of cast iron, even the top cover
  • Weight:  Amounts to about 150 lbs or less
  • Type of fluid used: The gear oil used is 80W to 90W synthetic gear oil
  • Length of the case: As long as 10.70 inches. It is 10-½ inches or less
  • The capacity of fluid it can hold: Can hold as much as 5.5 quarts of fluid or gear oil
  • Spline: 10 Spline
  • Designed and produced by:  The parent producer is General Motors
  • Gears: 7.0, 3.6, 1.7, and 1
  • Height of the case:  About 17 inches
  • Production years: 1947 through 1967
  • Position of the power take-off port:  Driver’s side of the case
  • Compatible with cars and jeeps:  New process 249, 242, 241, 231, 207. Jeep New process 229, 219, 208. Dana 300, Dana 18 and Dana 20
  • Identification: Consists of seven-digit figures on the case for easy identification
SKU: GU8B4 Category: Transmission


Description of SM420 Transmission for Sale

The production of the SM420 transmission for sale was carried out by General Motors from 1947 to 1967. The transmission was primarily used for heavy-duty trucks and buses. Later it was used in military vans. The SM420 transmission was among the ones with the most potential to operate heavy vehicles.

The most distinguishable factor that helps you identify an SM420 transmission is that it protrudes quite prominently on one side. There is a large part bulging out at the passenger side. This is useful for creating room for the idler shaft on the reverse. But there are disadvantages to this bulge. The adapters used must be 4 inches or longer than that. It easily has the best use for first gear, which is well-known to be low. The Jeep’s commendable strength, compatibility, and size are what make it suitable for Jeeps today.

The SM420 transmission has been used for a long time, specifically for heavy vehicles. SM stands for Saginaw Muncie. During the time when it was mass-produced, it was used for all types of vehicles, like military vehicles, buses, and trucks of varied sizes and purposes. So it can be inferred that the SM-420 transmission was quite a useful tool back in the day. It is also a favorite for off-road experiences. The specifications and utility are sure to attract you. The SM420 transmission for sale is thus an excellent choice for heavy-duty vehicles and trucks. 

The SM420 transmission for sale is still available and works wonders when used in small trucks or SUVs or heavier vehicles. The successor model might be more powerful in terms of strength,, but that does not mean that the SM420 transmission has lost its incredible performance. It can easily be the most reliable friend to the engine of the vehicle and still be able to handle rough off-road experiences. So wait for no further and grab your SM420 transmission for sale to give your vehicle the edge it needs.

Features of SM420 Transmission

An idea about the features of the SM420 transmission for sale can be derived from the specifications mentioned. The noteworthy features of the SM420 transmission are.

Instead of an automatic transmission like the GM 4L80e, the SM420 transmission is a manual one. It is a four-speed transmission. Popularly used in heavy-duty vehicles like Chevrolet C/K and GMC and other such trucks. The successor to this transmission is the SM465 transmission. The SM420 transmission forms an infrastructure for the SM465.

The second and the fourth gears are of the helical cut as well as synchronized. The first and third gears are straight-cut and are not synchronized. The whole transmission is made out of cast iron including the top cover. The first gear ratio is 7.06:1. The second gear ratio is 3.58:1. The reverse gear ratio is 1.71:1 and the fourth one is 1.00:1.

History of SM420 Transmission

The SM420 transmission for sale has a short history with few transformations because it was already overpowered. The production of transmissions was started by General Motors in 1947. The manufacture of this heavy-duty SM420 transmission went on until 1967. During that time the transmission was used in heavy-duty vehicles and trucks. It was also used in military vehicles during the early 1980s. This speaks for the powers and capabilities of the transmission itself. A transmission that was used even after twenty years of its production must be an overpowered one.

The advanced version of the SM420 transmission is the SM465 transmission. Inspired by its parent version, the SM465 was also made for heavy and rough usage. During the early 1990s, it was used in SUVs and trucks.

The SM420 transmission also went through many phases of changes to get upgraded to the best version of itself. That is the reason why it can be still used in trucks and other vehicles.



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