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Peterbilt 389 Automatic Transmission for Sale – Fully Tested Truck Parts

Transmission available in the Peterbilt 389 truck:  TX-18
Type or model of transmission: PACCAR.
Speed of transmission: 8-speed transmission.
Mode of operation: Automatic transmission.
Peterbilt version before 389: The version which was preceding 389 was Peterbilt 379.
Speeds:  Fuller speeds can be 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, or 18.

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Description of the Peterbilt 389 Automatic Transmission

Peterbilt 389 Automatic transmission is one of the new-age transmissions for vehicles. The Peterbilt 389 Automatic transmission for sale is the way to goIt has more to offer than the transmissions which were developed during the 1900s. The latest engine technology with PACCAR MX 13 and top-level fuel consumption techniques makes it an overpowered transmission. If you are looking for powerful support to the engine of your truck for rough as well as smooth on-road use. There are many attractive features and specifications of this transmission to look forward to. So here is all the detailed information for your reference to make an informed decision about a purchase.

The Peterbilt 389 trucks are stylish and with updated technology and its transmission stays on par with it. The materials with which the auto parts are made are extremely light in weight and do not impose any further load on the truck. The brakes of the vehicle also have high functionality as they are quick to stop power. The look of each part of the vehicle gives it an overall classy style that attracts admirers to it greatly.

Features of Peterbilt 389 Automatic Transmission

The Peterbilt 389 truck is well built with all the advanced features that make for a superior quality truck. So, it is evident that the Peterbilt 389 automatic transmission for sale is going to be superior in all forms. The features that account for the truck are related to the transmission.

The 18-speed transmission speaks volumes about the immense speed of the truck’s auto parts. The previous version was already a huge success in the market and the Peterbilt 389 automatic transmission is doing even better. You can get an automatic transmission so the task is done by the transmission itself and you do not need to operate it.

The Peterbilt trucks are compatible with the transmission so you get to customize your truck however you like. Saves the consumption of fuel by up to 4% which is much more than trucks usually do.

History of Peterbilt 389 Automatic Transmission

Peterbilt is an American truck manufacturing company that works on producing an enhanced version of trucks equipped with advanced technologies. It was formed in the year 1939. It produces trucks, especially heavy-duty ones. The transmissions produced by the company are more powerful than the ones produced by others and offer greater speeds. Since huge trucks need excessive power in their transmissions, the Peterbilt 389 automatic transmission for sale caters to just that. You can easily trust this transmission to keep the engine working for many years.


We can infer that the Peterbilt 389 automatic transmission is one of its kind and is recommended as a transmission that is capable of bearing heavy-duty tasks. The evolution in trucks and their transmissions over the years has given birth to the Peterbilt 389 automatic transmission for sale and its extreme efficiency.


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