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Paccar MX 13 Engine for Sale – Fully Tested Engine

Engine configuration: Six-cylinder turbocharged inline
Fuel used: Diesel induced
Bore: 130
Stroke: 162 mm
Displacement: The piston displacement is about 12.9 liters
The ratio of compression: The compression ratio is 18.5:1
The material used: The high-quality material which the engine is made up of is graphite iron
Torque: The peak is about 1850 lb-ft torque
Horsepower: Ranges from 405 HP to as high as 510 HP
A dry weight of the engine: In dry weight, the engine is about 2500 lbs
Rise in torque: 89% rise in torque
Oil system capacity: 42 Qts.
Speed: 2,200 RPM
Fuel injection: Electronically controlled.


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Description of the Paccar MX 13 Engine for Sale

Along with providing durability, it is popular for being a heavy-duty truck engine. A valuable investment in the Paccar MX 13 engine for sale will give you a lifetime of cost-saving solutions for your truck. Since there have been no breakdowns for a considerable amount of time, the maintenance cost reduces automatically. The incredible specs of the truck engine are overall known for giving an impressive driving experience. The fuel efficiency of this engine is also worth mentioning. The emission rates are controlled like those of other engines on the market.

Paccar has received many awards in different categories almost every year, and its reign has been going on for more than 60 years. If you want your truck engine to last for many years, the Paccar MX 13 engine is the right choice for you. The company also strives to continuously develop its products to create better versions of them. The Paccar MX 13 engine for sale is an affordable and smart choice to make as it is a newly developed engine, and there are users to vouch for the sustainability of the engine.

The Paccar MX 13 engine is the single most reliable truck and bus engine. All of the engines produced have a record of working in stable condition for more than a million miles without breakdowns. Almost every Paccar MX 13 engine for sale that has been manufactured has proven to be reliable in terms of providing long-lasting service. If you wish to get a sturdy engine for your bus and do not want to go through the trouble of changing your engine often, the Paccar MX 13 engine for sale is the product made for you.

Features of the Paccar MX 13 Engine

The Paccar MX 13 engine for sale is so designed that it delivers maximum performance while being lightweight at the same time. These engines are mainly developed for the purpose of being durable with the fewest complications. It can go on for long distances and gives you steady service for a million miles. So, you can be ensured that before a million miles, you are less likely to face any breakdown from the engine. Since the engine is light, your vehicle will be able to take on more load than usual.

History of the Paccar MX 13 engine

The production of the Paccar MX 13 engine for sale started in 2010 in Mississippi. It was started in order to be used in Peterbilt trucks. Paccar also produces medium and light-duty trucks apart from heavy-duty ones. Since its founding, the firm has been a leader in the production of heavy-duty trucks and auto parts. Other companies began producing the Paccar MX 13 engine for sale after 2010. The company has developed a sense of trust with its users over many years, which makes the engine reliable.



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