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Mack MP8 Engine For Sale – Fully Tested Auto Parts

Power: Horsepower of 425 at its peak
RPM: Peak power RPM is 1700
Torque: Up to 1560 lb ft
Fuel used: Diesel-induced engine
Cylinders: Inline 6 number of cylinders
Displacement: Goes up to 13 litres
Order of firing: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Ratio of compression: 16:1
Speeds: Low speed is 600 RPM and the highest being 2100 RPM
Weight of engine: 2597 lbs in dry weight
Rise in torque: 89% rise in torque
Brake retarding: At 2100 RPM which is the highest, 500HP of brake power.
Stroke: 158 mm
Bore: 131 mm.


SKU: Z9G61 Category: Engine


Description of Mack Mp8 Engine for Sale

The most affordable answer to your truck engine needs is the Mack MP8 engine. It is the ideal choice if you want to replace your old engine and give your truck a power-up. Buy the Mack MP8 engine for sale from a source that sells every part after thorough checking and appropriate cleaning. Your engine parts also should be new if you are replacing the engine of the truck so that the need for replacing parts does not arrive before at least ten years.

If you are in search of a tough and durable brand, there is nothing like the Mack MP8 engine. It is a perfect example of a modern long-lasting engine with all the necessary features to run a vehicle smoothly. Similar to the Volvo engines, the Mack MP8 engine for sale has an essence of its own. Alongside possessing immense powers, it has the ability to be user-friendly and work smoothly even in heavy-duty environments. Thus, it can be considered a useful and reliable purchase for your vehicle compared to other diesel-run engines.

As we know, the advancements in the Mack Mp8 engine have improved it largely, thus we can conclude that the engine is quite reliable in all aspects as a truck engine. With us, you will get the version of the used Mack MP8 engine for sale. So, why wait until you can power up your truck with the amazing specs of this enhanced engine?

Features of Mack MP8 Engine for Sale

The Mack MP8 engine can be used in buses and trucks running on highways. Naturally, it needs the ability to handle such large loads. Since these trucks travel long distances, the engine is also well suited for such use. The impressive horsepower of the engine is what makes it ideal for heavy highway performance. A detailed knowledge of the specifications of the Mack MP8 engine for sale will help you make a better purchase decision.

Like other truck engines, the Mack MP8 engine for sale is also built with 6 inline cylinders. The weight of the engine is similar to high-performance truck engines. The speed specifications of the truck engine are also something to take note of.

History of Mack MP8 Engine for Sale

After careful improvements and redevelopments, the Mack MP8 engine has become what it is known for today. Mack engines underwent selective catalytic regeneration in 2010 to improve performance. Through this development, another advantage that was seen was the fuel economy. The Mack MP8 engine for sale first came out in 2007. It’s worth noting that the Mack Mp8 engine weighs 340 pounds less than the Mp7. MP7 was the version preceding MP8 in the market. But eventually, the specifications for the MP8 became popular with most truck users.





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