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ford 289 Engine for Sale – Fully Tested Auto Parts Online

  • Brand-: Ford
  • Engine: Ford 289
  • Displacement: 4.7 L (4,736 cc)
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Fuel System: Precision Fuel Injection Mechanism
  • Engine Configuration-: V8 Excellence
  • Horsepower: 225 hp @ 4400 RPM
  • Torque: 305 lb-ft @ 3200 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Bore Size: 101.6 mm (4 in)
  • Stroke Size:: 76.2 mm (3 in)
  • Valvetrain: Dual Overhead Cams with Variable Valve Timing and Lift
  • Redline: 6500 RPM
  • Turbocharger: None, Embracing Natural Aspiration
  • Block Material: Forged Steel
  • Head Material: Cast Iron
SKU: 6333N Category: Engine


ford 289 Engine for Sale

Embark on a captivating odyssey into the vibrant domain of Ford 289 engines, celebrated for their V8 configuration and extraordinary performance attributes. Originally forged to redefine the very essence of automotive excellence, these engines, intricately entwined in the heritage of vintage vehicles, entice aficionados with an enchanting fusion of potent force and mechanical sophistication. Traverse a meticulously curated array of automotive components online, guaranteeing not just quality assurance but also a personalized finesse to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities. Amplify your driving escapades with the unique legacy of Ford 289 engine for sale, seamlessly accessible throughout the nation.

Features of ford 289 Engine for Sale


Step into the realm of automotive eminence, where potency intertwines with precision—the Ford 289 engine. Throughout this discourse, we embark on a voyage through its historical evolution, meticulously inspect its specifications, and delve into the unparalleled features that establish our supremacy in the automotive domain.

Historical Unfolding

Tracing its origins in the annals of automotive history, the Ford 289 engine emerges as a transformative dynamism. Since its inception, it has etched profound milestones, sculpting the Ford legacy and imprinting an enduring legacy on the expansive canvas of engine architecture and performance.

Displacement Marvels

At the core of the Ford 289 lies a formidable 289 cubic inches of displacement. Beyond numerical representation, this displacement assumes a pivotal role in harmonizing torque and horsepower. The Ford 289’s adeptness in delivering power with surgical precision positions it as an eminent entity in the automotive realm.

V8 Configuration Spectacle

Embarking on the iconic V8 configuration, the Ford 289 redefines the realms achievable with eight cylinders. The symphonic resonance of power orchestrated by this configuration elevates the driving milieu, establishing novel benchmarks for performance and efficiency.

Remanufacturing Eminence

Executed with meticulous exactitude, our Ford 289 Crate Engine undergoes a remanufacturing odyssey that transcends industry benchmarks. Each unit epitomizes excellence, not merely meeting but surpassing the exacting criteria set by Ford.

Performance Augmentation Attributes

Camshaft Design: Ascending Performance

The camshaft of the Ford 289 stands as an epitome of design, meticulously crafted for optimal valve timing. This strategic configuration maximizes airflow, culminating in a surge of power and efficiency that outstrips contemporaneous rivals.

Cylinder Head Revolution: Progressive Technology

The engine boasts avant-garde cylinder head technology, revolutionizing the landscape of combustion efficiency. This ingenuity translates into superior horsepower and torque, all the while preserving commendable fuel economy.

Versatility Across Applications

From endeavors encompassing classic Mustang restoration projects to pursuits of high-performance upgrades, the Ford 289 emerges as the quintessential choice for aficionados and professionals alike. Its versatility transcends the confinements of mere specifications, establishing itself as a cornerstone in diverse automotive applications.

Reliability and Durability Affirmations

Forged with an unwavering commitment to longevity, the Ford 289 Crate Engine stands as a symbol of durability. Rigid testing protocols guarantee that each engine not only fulfills but exceeds established industry standards, affording drivers the tranquility associated with unwavering reliability.

Driving Experience Unleashed

Beyond its enumerated specifications, the Ford 289 offers a driving experience that transcends the commonplace. It’s not merely an engine; it’s a powerhouse that epitomizes automotive eminence. Amidst a market replete with options, the Ford 289 distinguishes itself through an all-encompassing experience.

Establishing Supremacy

What demarcates our Ford 289 Crate Engine is not confined solely to its specifications but extends to the supremacy it commands in the realm of automotive excellence. It’s more than an engine; it embodies dominance and serves as a propellant force within the industry.

Shaping the Future

The enduring allure of the used Ford 289 engine for sale  extends beyond its historical eminence. As we traverse into the future, the legacy of the Ford 289 continues to mold the panorama of automotive engineering, establishing fresh benchmarks for posterity.

In summation, the Ford 289 engine for sale  transcends the realm of mere machinery; it stands as a symbol of potency and precision. Whether you harbor an enthusiasm for classic Mustangs or seek high-performance upgrades, the Ford 289 awaits to redefine your driving narrative.

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Yes, parts for the Ford 289 engine are widely available both in physical stores and online outlets.

This particular model was primarily used in iconic cars like Mustangs and Fairlanes during the mid-1960s.

While costs may vary based on location and complexity of work, typically maintenance costs are reasonable due to availability of spare parts and widespread knowledge about these engines.


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