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Pontiac 455 Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 200-370
Displacement: 7.5 L
Weight: 640 Pounds
Torque: 330-500 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly used, used


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About Pontiac 455 Engine for Sale

The Pontiac division of General Motors produced the Pontiac 455 Crate Engine between 1970-1976.  The first V8 Engine to come out of the Pontiac factories was the Pontiac 287, the brand then came up with a great motor, the 389, but the constant pressure from the market kept the company pushing to newer engines like the 400, 421, and 428. Pontiac’s 428 was found primarily in full-size sedans and coupes, and when the mid-size GTO was up for a replacement motor the company’s engineers created the 455. This Pontiac 455 Engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online derives its name 455 from its displacement in cubic inches i.e. 455 cubic inches.

Applications of Pontiac 455 Crate Engine

  • Pontiac GTO (1970-1973): Wherever there would be a discussion over muscle cars you would find the GTO there and it was offered several V8 options, including the 455. Replacing a 455 with another GTO from this period is easy because the dimensions and mounting locations of the engine compartment are very close.
  • Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am (1971-1976): Another car that had the 455 was the Firebird, especially the Trans Am. These models are popularly used for engine swaps because of their performance-reinforcing background.
  • Pontiac Grand Prix (1970-1976): That is comparatively easy because the Grand Prix has a much larger engine compartment than the Camaro and since the 455 fits, swaps are relatively manageable.
  • Pontiac LeMans (1970-1976): Just as with the GTO the LeMans can easily accommodate the 455 cubic inch motor with only minor change.
  • Pontiac Catalina and Bonneville (1970-1976): These ‘full size’ models have good engine bay real estate for the 455 and often gain from the additional ponies.

Key Features of Pontiac 455 Crate Engine

  • Displacement: It had healthy 455 cubic inches of the engine which was now referred to as 7. 5 liters so it had quite a lot of push and pep for a car to get off the line.
  • V8 Configuration: This one had a V8 setting; eight cylinders were set in a V pattern and the high V8 setting endowed the engine with good power output and excellent V8 tuning.
  • High Performance: Subtlety into the second generation the big block Pontiac 455 engine would deliver good horsepower and torque outputs that in its prime especially early seventies would make it the delight of muscle car enthusiasts. It was powerful, the horsepower of the early models being 360 to 370 and the torque around 480 to 500 lb-ft, which gave good acceleration and top speed.
  • Compression Ratio Variations: During the years the engine experienced certain changes regarding the level of compression, including from about 10. 25: In early models, the ratios are going down to 1, and in later models are close to 7. 6:1 to 8. 4:1, in later iterations. Such changes were seen as essential for emission compliance and/or as a result of changes in fuels that were of lower octane rating.
  • Durable Construction: The Pontiac engines were always built very sturdily and the 455 was no exception to this prior excellence. The very members that compose the structure are robust, and the internals are configured to bear and distribute loads, then it could indeed bear many loads and could LAST.
  • Legacy: Today, the Pontiac 455 crate engine is still valued by collectors, and restoration freaks in the many years that followed after the halting of the production of the vehicle. It may be therefore safe to conclude that Camaro’s relationship with the legendary muscle cars and its image is sure to place it in the automobile hall of fame.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find the Pontiac 455 Engine for sale at the best price. The Pontiac 455 crate engine carries a legacy made out of its association with iconic muscle cars and is still a collectible for fans and enthusiasts

Myth Busters

  • Myth: Pontiac built the 455 engine which was not efficient when it came to fuel consumption.
    Reality: The Pontiac 455 crate engine was imposing and used a large capacity block coming even with higher-performance designs typical of a muscle car engine which used less fuel than a more compact and newer generation engine. This characteristic was particularly observable in those automobiles with a high-performance feature of the 455 engine.
  • Myth: The Pontiac 455 crate engine was used and this was covered they were not very resistant and had issues with overheating.
    Reality: There have been some common complaints by owners and enthusiasts of engines involving overheating problems of Pontiac 455 engines, especially on older models of cars or those that may have poorly designed cooling systems. This might be due to some negligence like lack of maintenance, old components such as the brake system, or less air circulation through the car’s radiator.
  • Myth: It wasn’t until the mid-70s when the last of the potent Pontiac’s 455 engine had problems meeting emissions standards.
    Reality: As common for most engines of the same generation, the Pontiac 455 had issues with the emission controls, especially after 1970, and for that reason. The policies that were established to help reduce emissions meant that the manufacturers had to make several tradeoffs which would lead to a compromise of power output or engine calibration.

Additional information

Long block

Cast Iron



Valve train


Piston stroke

4.21 in

Cylinder bore

4.15 in

Compression ratio



Naturally Aspirated

Fuel System

Carburetor-based fuel delivery system

Vehicle engine orientation



1970 Pontiac 455 Engine

2 reviews for Pontiac 455 Engine for Sale

  1. Max Arenado

    Buying a Pontiac 455 engine from Find Auto Parts Online was a breeze. The engine was in excellent condition, and their customer service was outstanding. My GTO is back on the road!

  2. Mookie Cole

    I’m thrilled with my purchase of a Pontiac 455 engine from Find Auto Parts Online. The engine arrived on time, well-packaged, and has transformed my Le Mans. Excellent product and service!

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Availability of Pontiac 455 Engine for sale?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find the Pontiac 455 Engine for sale at the best price. The Pontiac 455 crate engine carries a legacy made out of its association with iconic muscle cars and is still a collectible for fans and enthusiasts.

What is the price of the Pontiac 455 crate engine?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find this Pontiac 455 Crate Engine for sale at the most reasonable and perfect choice. Please call or Contact us here.

Is the Pontiac 455 engine reliable?

When treated with proper care and maintenance, the Pontiac 455 crate engine can be trusted for its reliability. Give it timely maintenance for longevity.
Pontiac 455 Engine for sale
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