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Honda b18 Engine for Sale

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Production 1990-2001
Cylinder block alloy Aluminum
Configuration Inline-4
Valvetrain DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Piston stroke, mm (inch) 89 (3.50), 87.2 (3.43) – B18C
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 81 (3.19)
Compression ratio 9.2, 10.0, 10.6
Displacement 1834 cc (111.9 cu in), 1797 cc (109.7 ci in) – B18C

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Honda b18 engine for Sale

Honda b18 engine is a part of the Honda brand car which is a big name for many years, Honda always came up with modifications to its engines and automotive parts. In the year 1999, Honda made lots of improvements in its engines and models. These changes occur in Acura and Integra where they started using non- VTEC B motors in 1993.

The B series of Honda with an inline four-cylinder engine debuted in 1988. The B series of Honda has many variants from b-16 to b-18. The b-18 series of Honda has the power of 100 ps which runs at 6100 rpm with the torque of 128 lb-ft which runs at 4700 pm.

Features of Honda b18 Engine

The b18 series has a stroke of 89mm and the bore is 81mm.

Its transmission is A2N5, E2N5. The Honda B18 series has no vtec technology used. This Honda b18 engine has a transmission area S1, A1 cable. This Honda has a different compression ratio as compared to b-18, b18A1 has 9:2:1. B-18A1 has fuel injection which automatically programs, also has a stroke ratio of 1.54 along with displacement of 1:8 L. The Honda b18 A1 has the power of 140 bhp which runs at 6300 pm.

While the Honda b18A2 transmission has Ys1 and cable. This b18A2 was usually launched around 1990-1993 in the Honda integral sedan having a contraction ratio of 9:2:1. This has a stroke of 89mm and a bore of 81mm.

The Honda series also had a b18B1 series which has been modified compared to the A series. It came late in 1994 and was used in the last 1996-1999, JDM Honda Orthia.

While the b18b2 series was used in late 2001.

This Honda b18 engine has an aluminum cylinder block alloy. Its configuration is inline-4. This Honda b18 engine for sale series has DOHC 4 valve valvetrain.

The Honda b18 series has a fuel type of gasoline. It is also featured with natural gas. The Honda b18 has a 4.2 L oil capacity. This Honda series b18 is injected in Honda Orthia, Domani, and Honda civic.

The deck height of this Honda b18 is around 211.84 mm. It is also a diameter of 81mm. The Honda b18b1 is a modified edition of b18A1 with characteristics of air filters, and fuel injectors and camshafts, etc.

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Honda B18 engine for sale has no vtec technology used. This Honda b18A1 has a transmission area S1, A1 cable. This Honda has a different compression ratio...

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    HIgh quality product highly recommended

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    Thank you for providing the best services, replacing my old engine with the b18 engine, which has the best features, speed, and high power.

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    Highly recommended product! Got this product b18 engine at an affordable price.

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    Thank you for your appreciation you will be always getting B18 engines from find auto parts online at an affordable price.

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    Finding genuine auto parts online can be challenging, but Find Auto Parts Online proved to be a reliable source. My Honda B18 engine purchase was accompanied by accurate details, and the part received was exactly as described. It’s reassuring to know that there are trustworthy platforms like this for auto enthusiasts.

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Ans. The Honda B18 engine is a complete DOHC engine. It is usually injected in a model of crx, integral, cr-v, civic.

Ans. The major difference between b18b and b18c is that b18b is non-vtec and b18c is a vtec engine.

Ans. The best engine of Honda b18 is from the C family and b18c is advanced having DOHC along with 1.8L displacement vtec technology.

Ans. The better engine of the Honda b18 family is non-vtec b18 which is very smooth and light, having a low contraction.

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