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NP435 Transmission for sale – Fully tested Trucks Parts

  • Transmission: New Process NP435 (various sub-models)
  • Type: 1966 – 1992 Ford trucks (most common application)
    1962 – 1993 Dodge trucks
    1968 – 1972 GM pickups (limited, most GMC/Chevrolet pickups used the Muncie 4-speed)
  • Case Material: Cast iron w/ aluminum top cover
  • Case Length: 10-7/8″
  • Input Shaft: 1-1/16″, 10 spline for Ford & GM applications, 23 spline in Dodge pickups
  • Output Shaft: 31 spline 4WD, 28 spline (2 WD)
  • Weight: 120 – 135 lbs
  • Engine Configuration: Inline 6 cylinder
  • Fluid Type/Spec*: Straight 50W or 80W-90 gear oil (non-hypoid recommended)
  • Identification: Top loading transmission, aluminum top cover, passenger side PTO port. Standard H pattern, the reverse is to the passenger and down. The married 4WD version has a trapezoidal output flange, and the divorced 4WD and all 2WD versions have a square output flange.
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Description of NP435 Transmission for Sale

Looking for the NP435 Transmission for sale then you are at the right store in the USA. We are the top seller of Transmissions for all the trucks in the market. The 10.8″ long transmission has an aluminum top cover that is held in place by eight bolts.

The initial Dodge NP435 had a 10-spline, 1″ OD input shaft up until 1968. Dodge vehicles manufactured after 1968 feature an 8-3/8″ stick-out 23-spline input shaft.

The input shaft and bearing retainer are on the front. Deep ball roller bearings were typically utilized as inputs in the earlier and less popular type (from 1962 to). Our conversion assemblies are incompatible with these older units. Even though some applications still used ball-bearing front versions, they became less common after 1969. A tapered roller bearing and cup assembly was a hallmark of the latter, more popular design. All of our adapter assemblies are compatible with these more recent versions.

There might not be any tagging or accurate tag interpretation to determine which 435 version someone might possess. However, if attempting to determine the third gear ratio, one should count the third gear teeth on the main shaft, which are 23 for 1.66:1, 24 for 1.74:1, and 25 for 1.31:1.

Be aware that there is a specific model of the NP435 that does not exchange and has a helically steeper cut second gear that neither meshes with the matching cluster shaft gear nor the vast majority of second gears. The gear ratio and tooth count are identical.

Buy an NP435 transmission for sale from our network that offers up to a one-year warranty on qualified units! We carry a wide-ranging catalog of NP435 transmission for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Buy your NP435 transmission for sale from us and save time and money. We are the top seller of NP435 transmissions for sale.

Features of NP435 Transmission

The NP435 is a top-loaded, top-shifting transmission designed for trucks. The NP435 is a well-liked option for individuals seeking a very low crawling gear due to its extremely low compound gear of 6.68:1. A higher first gear of 4.56-to-1 was available on some Dodge versions of this drivetrain.

A power-take-off (PTO) port is available on the NP435’s passenger side of the casing.

The 10-spline input shaft on the GM/Chevrolet NP435 has a 6-1/2″ stick-out length. Instead of the later and more prevalent tapered bearing design, this version was only offered with the input bearing that was in the roller style. Our adapter assemblies are incompatible with any of the GM NP435s

The 1-1/16″ diameter, ten-spline input shaft on the Ford NP435 sticks out 6-1/2″ from the transmission’s front face. The transmission’s pilot tip has a diameter of about 17mm. The diameter of the bearing retainer tube is 1.43″ and the front bearing retainer flange is 4.85″. Approximately 8-1/2″ broad by 6-5/16″ tall, the front bolt pattern is the symmetrical Ford “butterfly” pattern.

History of NP435 transmission 

Rebuilding the NP435 is not particularly difficult. If they have access to a press, snap ring pliers, and bearing pullers, many shade tree mechanics can perform very superior rebuilds. Many people decide to perform a complete rebuild throughout the adaption process, and our instruction manuals provide all the information, schematics, pictures, and tips necessary to complete work of a professional caliber.

We advise choosing a traditional mineral oil or a para-synthetic over a complete synthetic oil when adding gear oil to your 435. The thermal strains experienced by hypoid gears or combustion engines are not present in correctly constructed manual gearboxes. While not hazardous, the synthetic fluid in these gearboxes is definitely a financial waste.

Compared to transmission oil, hypoid gear oil has a greater sulfur content and can occasionally corrode to the non-ferrous alloys utilized in these transmissions’ thrust washers, bushings, and synchros.

A fluid rated 80W-90, API-GL5, or MT-1 is excellent. We do not believe using a 50W engine oil in your gearbox to be contraindicated unless you use your car in an extremely warm area, despite some claims that doing so results in faster shifts.

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The NP435 was used in various trucks, such as Ford, Dodge, and some GM models. It’s important to check the specific vehicle’s compatibility.

The NP435 is a manual transmission and does not use fluid like an automatic transmission. Instead, it uses gear oil, and the level is typically checked through a fill plug on the side of the transmission.

Converting the NP435 to an overdrive transmission may be possible with aftermarket kits, but it can be a complex and costly modification.


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