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Honda B20b Vtec engine for sale – Fully Tested Honda Parts

Brand: Honda Motor Company
Engine: Honda B20B
Another name: Honda B20
Serial Number:
Fuel type: Gasoline
Displacement: 2.0 Liter 120.3 cu in
Weight: 145Kg
Horsepower: 126 hp
Torque: 133 lb-ft
Bore : 3.31 inches
Store: 3.50 inches
Valve train: DOHC 4 valves per cylinder
Camshaft type:
Compression ratio: 8.8
Cylinder material: Aluminum
Warranty: up to 1 years
Intake valve size: 0.08-0.12 mm
Exhaust valve size: 0.16-0.20 mm

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Description of Honda B20b VTEC Engine for sale

We are here, offering you the Honda B20b VTEC Engine for sale with the best deal in used condition and fully tested. The largest series of the Honda series is the B20b engine. The fuel type of Honda B20b is gasoline with a displacement of 120.3 cubic inches or 2.0 liters. The engine has a compression ratio of 8.8; the bore size of the engine is 3.3 inches whereas, the stroke size of the engine is 3.50 inches. It comes up with 126 hp @ 5,400 RPM and 133 lb-ft torque @ 4,800 RPM, with 4 inline configuration.

When it comes to the valve specifications, the intake valve size is 0.08-0.12 mm and, the size of the exhaust valve is 0.16-0.20 mm, it weighs 14.5 kg. Cylinder blocks are headed with 16 valve non-VTEC, and are cast irons; aluminum is material in the production of cylinders. You don’t have to look further in search of a Honda B20b Vtec engine for sale, we are offering a Honda B20B Engine for sale at a low rate and also, with a warranty of 12 months. The parts have been exclusively tested; further, the inefficient and dead parts are replaced with functioning parts.

Features of Honda B20b VTEC Engine for sale

Honda Motor Company commenced the production of Honda B series engines between 1985 till 1991. A feature of the timing belt is given into the engine, the belt has to be replaced after driving the vehicle for approx 60,000 miles; if you want your car to work efficiently and with complete potential then sporadically go for the adjustment of the periodic valve after driving it for over 24,000 miles. B20 family was not limelight for a long duration after its production; however, the Honda Company had taken steps to improve the fuller utilization of the resource. Nevertheless, the modifications hadn’t shown drastic changes; Wait!

After the introduction of the VTEC system that is Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control by the name you must have got a blur notion about the term. VTEC system was developed by Honda Company; this step was taken to upgrade the volumetric capacity of an internal combustion engine. The merit of using the VTEC system was visible in the sale of Honda Company. Because of the applications of the VTEC system, it resulted in higher performance at high RPM and when it comes to low RPM it modulates the fuel consumption. The consequence of switching to the VTEC system brought an increment in horsepower and torque.

This engine has certain parts that can be called fragile or unprotected parts like head gasket, cam seals, or water pumps; some of these parts get retired before time eventually to the failure of the thermostat and the engine starts overheating. It is said we cannot expect durability from the Honda crate engine as it has become outdated. Production of the B20b engine ended in 2001. It is recommended going for an oil change after approx 5000 kilometers and 10,000 kilometers intervals. Honda B20b engine is installed in Honda CR-V, Honda Orthia, Honda StepWGN, etc.


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