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DT12 Transmission For Sale – Fully Tested Truck Parts

Type of transmission: It is an Automated manual non-synchronized transmission.
Speed: 12-speed transmission
Input torque:  The dry weight in two input torque ratings are 2050 lbs-ft and 1650 lbs-ft.
Overall gear ratio: 14.96:1
Individual gear ratios:  Direct Drive: 14.93 – 1 / 14.93
OverDrive: .11.67 – 0.78 / 14.96
Speed capacity: In forward, it can go up to 12, and in reverse up to 4.
GCW limits: It can go up to 160,000.
Compatible with:  Engines that are compatible with the DT12 transmission for sale are DD13, DD15, and DD16.
Models:  The two advanced models that evolved from the DT12 transmission are DT12-V and DT12-VX.
The material used:  Uses an aluminum housing which minimizes the weight of the transmission.
Compatible with vehicles:  Mainly trucks and also Freightliner Cascadia.
Introduction of the transmission:  It was in 2015 that the DT12 transmission for sale came into being.

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Description of DT12 Transmission for Sale

The DT12 is a new-age transmission that was built solely to power up heavy-duty trucks. The specifications of the DT 12 transmission for sale are much superior to the other transmissions that were built during the 1990s. The transmission speed is twice as much as the others we might have seen. To top it off, the transmission is built in such a way that it does not amount to a lot of weight. The speeds for forward and reverse are also worthy of mention. Change in gears or drives does not affect the performance to a large extent.

So overall it can be identified as a perfect transmission because of the extreme power it provides the engine. Not a single disadvantage of the DT12 transmission for sale is what makes it worth purchasing. So give your vehicle the performance it deserves with a DT12 transmission as an aid to the engine.

The most cost-effective transmission for trucks is the DT12 transmission now. It is cost-effective since it gives the best performance with optimum fuel consumption. So that is absolutely no waste of fuel. This is the universal transmission that can be used for highway trucks, not just small ones, but Cascadia, and large trucks as well. What makes it different from the other manual or automatic transmissions is that this one is an automated manual transmission. The infusion of easy handling and effective use in the same transmission is the main crux of the DT12 transmission for sale.

This one is much better for your vehicle than the other manual transmissions because of its high gear ratio. Operates smoothly for a comfortable experience for the driver. Thus, the best DT12 transmission for sale that you will get. This specially crafted transmission for absolutely heavy use is going to blow your mind. There is not one limitation to the features and specs of the DT12 transmission.

Features of DT12 transmission

The DT12 transmission offers exciting features to look forward to. The excellent specifications of the transmission are what give a lot of advantages to the vehicle using it.

It is an Automated manual transmission. This gives you the scope to control it as well as enjoy the ease lĺ automation. Imagine how it can be beneficial in both ways! The speed of the transmission is commendable considering it reaches 12. So changes in gears have little effect on the transmission or engine, for that matter. The frequency of skip shifts gives a smooth performance to the vehicle. So in a way, it is good for the vehicle.

It has a smooth clutch actuation that results to gain a smooth drive. It can easily give the most effortless clutch action. Shifts can adapt to match the driver’s preference or style. The one working with this transmission will be more than satisfied too. This is the eco mode. The fuel consumption technique cannot be forgotten. The ability to utilize fuel efficiently also reduces the expenses for vehicles.

The features show that there is absolutely no reason not to choose the DT12 transmission for sale.

History of DT12 Transmission

The DT12 transmission was out in the year 2015, which is quite recent. Detroit, the brand under Dalmier’s Trucks started the production of the transmission. It was already used as a part of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Since the beginning of its production, it has been an automated manual transmission. The DT12 transmission was built to work in perfect coordination with the engine and axles of the vehicle. Ever since the day it was used in vehicles, it has proven to be fuel efficient. The unique blend of the features with that of the engine of the vehicle is what made it a success over the years. Apart from this, the weight being less than the other transmissions is also a contributing factor to its success.


Once you have purchased the DT12 transmission, there is no room for doubt. It equally excels in performance as it does with affordability. It can be the best friend for your vehicle. With the perfect combination of transmission and engine, you are fit to hit the road for some heavy-duty driving. So do not hesitate to get your vehicle a DT12 transmission. 



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