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DT-12 Transmission for Sale

(2 reviews)

Type: Automated manual transmission
Model: DT12-OA
Maker: Detroit Diesel Corporation
Torque: 2,250 lb.-ft
GCW limits: 160,600
Speeds: 12 Forward, 4 reverse
Condition: Fairly used, used


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Used DT-12 Transmission for Sale

DT-12 transmission is an automated manual transmission manufactured by the Detroit Diesel Corporation, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC. Designed especially for heavy-duty trucks, the transmission is Offered in 12-speed on-highway and vocational versions, the DT-12 is a popular choice for truckers because it delivers both power and ease of use. Generally, the transmission can be found only in the Western Star 47X, Western Star 49X and Freightliner Plus-series trucks. But you can find the DT-12 transmission for sale here.

Applications of DT-12 Transmission

  • Long-Haul Trucks: The DT 12 Transmission is a popular choice for long-distance transportation because of the convenience of the automatic shifting, facilitated by the automated manual design. The transmission’s fuel efficiency, durability and performance are the critical factors that contribute to it being well-suited for long-haul trucking operations.
  • Regional Haulers: DT-12 comes with the ability to handle varying driving conditions which makes it a favourite for regional hauling since it involves smaller routes with frequent stops and starts.  Its advanced features, such as predictive shifting, can optimize gear changes for better efficiency in stop-and-go traffic. 
  • Vocational Trucks: Vocational trucks are those that are used in construction, waste management, and other specialized industries. These often require robust transmissions that can handle heavy loads and challenging terrains, the DT 12 transmission’s torque capacity and durability guarantee exactly that.
  • Speciality Vehicles: Apart from being the favourite of trucks, the DT 12 transmission may also be found in speciality vehicles such as emergency response vehicles and agricultural equipment. 

Key Features of DT-12 Transmission

  • Variable-speed cruise control: The DT12 incorporates variable-speed cruise control, which allows the engine brake to regulate speed to achieve optimal driving efficiency. With the engine brake set to off, drivers can choose from the three settings on the cruise control limit switch located on the dash:
    LOW is ideal for steep grades. The engine brake slows the truck at a low threshold, e.g., +3 mph.
    MEDIUM is ideal for rolling hills. The engine brake slows the truck at a higher threshold, e.g., +6 mph.
    OFF is ideal for flat terrain or areas with noise restrictions. The engine brake is disabled while on cruise.
  • Intelligent powertrain management: Intelligent Powertrain Management knows the route ahead and will accelerate, preselect gears, eCoast and brake the engine to maximize efficiency. Using preloaded terrain maps, IPM will adjust the DT12 shift strategy, eCoast,  engine torque output, and engine braking level to ensure the truck is carrying the most efficient momentum into road conditions ahead. 
  • Safety: The DT12 includes a variety of innovative safety features that help protect the driver and the entire vehicle, as well as enhance the driving experience. Because the transmission is automated, new drivers experience a shorter learning curve. Various driver interfaces have been designed to reduce driver fatigue, including a true two-pedal system along with convenience features like the shift lever and cruise control. 
  • Hill start aid: When stopped on grades of 6% or more, the vehicle is prevented from rolling backwards on uphill grades or forward on a downhill grade. 
  • Auto neutral: When the parking brake is engaged or the vehicle is shut down, the transmission electronically commands neutral gear. The shifter must be moved to N (neutral) before the truck is started again. 
  • Virtual technician™ onboard diagnostic system: Prevents unsafe driving situations from occurring by alerting the driver to engine or transmission faults that could cause damage
  • Large, robust gears for tough jobs The DT12-V and DT12-VX transmissions feature durable, large gears designed to handle tough jobs, allowing for increased gross combination weight (GCW) and input torque. Extensive testing has proven their reliability in rugged environments.
  • An improved oil system design An improved oil system design includes a new oil pump that ensures a continuous flow of oil at all speeds and conditions. Its bottom-mounted oil intake delivers oil to the gear mesh effectively, providing ample lubrication and reducing parasitic loss from oil splash.
  • Enhanced thermal management for greater reliability Enhanced thermal management enhances reliability by using an adaptive bypass valve in the oil cooler to maintain optimal oil temperature for various operating conditions. This system cools the oil when necessary and bypasses it when not needed.
  • Bottom PTO capability for increased application coverageThe addition of a Bottom Power Take-Off (PTO) capability expands application coverage, making the DT12 transmissions suitable for industries such as heavy haul, logging, construction, farming, mining, and oil. Dual PTO usage (bottom and rear) further increases versatility for different work scenarios.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find this ideal blend of technology and toughness. This DT-12 Transmission for sale at Find Auto Parts Online is a perfect match for truckers who go on long drives and also for localists.

Myth Busters

  • Myth: DT 12 transmissions are prone to frequent breakdowns.
    Reality: Like any mechanical system, proper maintenance and care are essential for the DT 12 transmission’s reliable performance. When well-maintained, DT 12 transmissions are known for their durability and longevity.
  • Myth: Automated manual transmissions (AMTs) like the DT 12 are less efficient than manual transmissions.
    Reality: AMTs like the DT 12 combine the efficiency of manual transmissions with the convenience of automatic shifting. In many cases, they can optimize gear changes for better fuel economy, especially in stop-and-go traffic.
  • Myth: DT 12 transmissions are difficult to operate and require extensive training.
    Reality: While learning any new transmission system may require some training, the DT 12’s electronic shift controls and automated features make it user-friendly for drivers familiar with both manual and automatic transmissions.
  • Myth: DT 12 transmissions are not suitable for heavy-duty applications.
    Reality: The DT 12 transmission is designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, with features like large, robust gears and enhanced thermal management to handle tough jobs and rugged environments.

Additional information

Input length


Clutch Housing size


Input Diameter


Fluid Capacity

10.6-31.7 quarts


2012 DT-12 Transmission for Sale

2 reviews for DT-12 Transmission for Sale

  1. Edin Dzeko

    I’m impressed with the quality of the DT-12 Transmission I received from Find Auto Parts Online. The transaction was smooth, and the transmission is performing exceptionally well. Thank you!

  2. Jessica Lee

    My experience with Find Auto Parts Online was great. I ordered a DT-12 Transmission and it arrived on time. The customer service was helpful, and the transmission is exactly what I needed for my vehicle. Thank you!

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Product Q&A

What maintenance is required for the DT 12 transmission?

Regular maintenance, including fluid checks and changes as per the manufacturer's recommendations, is essential for optimal performance and longevity of the DT 12 transmission.

How does the DT 12 transmission compare to manual and automatic transmissions?

The DT 12 combines the efficiency of manual transmissions with the convenience of automatic shifting, offering benefits such as smoother gear changes, improved fuel economy, and reduced driver fatigue.

What engines is the DT 12 transmission compatible with?

The DT 12 transmission is designed to work with Detroit Diesel engines, including the DD13, DD15, and DD16 series, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Where can I buy the DT 12 Transmission ?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you will find this ideal blend of technology and toughness. This DT-12 Transmission for sale at Find Auto Parts Online is a perfect match for truckers who go on long drives and also for localists.
Used DT-12 Transmission
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