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Dodge 230 flathead engine for sale

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  • Max Brake Horsepower: 103 @ 3600 rpm
  • Max Torque: 190 @ 1200 rpm
  • Stroke: 4.625
  • Bore: 3.25
  • Compression: 7.0
  • Firing Order: 153624
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In 1942, the dodge 230 machine debuted.  This was a six-inline flathead engine. The very first idea of this engine existed in 1933. This dodge engine came again with 230 inline-six, this was the engine that was used widely in vehicles. After dodge 241 came into existence around 1953.

Features And Specifications of Dodge 230 flathead engine

The Dodge 230 flathead engine was kept running in demand with the same 230 inline-six, after that the Dodge 225 slant six reinstated that dodge 230 flathead engine in late 1959. This 230 flathead engine had a positive effect on the market, it was one of the most trusted engines which had short horsepower.

Let’s have a look at different variants of the engine with different specifications, the barrel carb of 1950-1953 came with a stroke of 4.625 and the bore was 3.25. It had a compression of 7.0 and firing order 153624. This 1950-53 model has a horsepower of 103@3600 rpm along with a max torque of 190@1200 rpm.

The same 1 barrel carb of 1954 had 110@3600 rpm and max torque of 190@1600 rpm. It had a stroke of 4.625 and bore of 3.25 with a compression of 7.25. In the series of barrel carb, the 1955 model had 123@3600 rpm, and torque of 194 hotels at 4@1600 rpm. It had a stroke of 4.625 and bore of 3.25 with compression of 7.4

The Dodge flathead 230 engines were improving in every year series like when the model 1956 came it came with high power horsepower and torque. Likewise, this dodge 1959 had 205@1200 rpm and horsepower is 135@3600 rpm.

In the series of dodge engines which is generated by Chrysler Corporation, when it shared its engine block having a great cylinder spacing by using a block of 640 mm with De Soto. Whereas when shared a block with Plymouth of 580 mm block.  The dodge flathead 230 engines were in demand till 1960. OHV slant 6 came which was very much worthwhile and it reinstated that flathead inline-six. The dodge flathead engine was in demand, manufacturing was in progress till the 1970s for some industrial and agricultural use.

This 230 flathead engine was used in vehicles, trucks, etc.

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Ans. The Flathead engine was widely used in vehicles and was in high demand. Flathead with six-line was a large one which is used in various vehicles. The flathead was 265.5 inches (ca. 7 m) and also had 218ft (ca. 66 m)/lbs of torque at 1600 rpm. This flathead engine had an extreme torque that makes it perfect for Industrial use.

Ans. The flathead eight-cylinder engine is widely used and it was in huge demand due to its upright eight design, it was not in V8 design, this has insurgent airflow models that need to prolong to put up at it.

Ans. The heaps of torque at low rpm due to the long stroke.

Ans. This power flow six was a 110-horsepower which came in the middle of 1954, it was new stuff for the Dodge having 230 cubic inches (3.77 l) unit.

Ans. In 1959, the heat-resistant exhaust valves debuted. L, with the horsepower of 132 having 3600 rounds per minute.


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