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Dodge 230 Flathead Engine for sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 100-120
Maker: Dodge
Model: Dodge L-head
Weight: 550-600 pounds
Torque: 175-200 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly used, used


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Used Dodge 230 flathead engine for sale

Dodge came up with the Dodge 230 flathead engine in the mid-20th century which over time became a vintage, wanted by many. A popular choice for various Dodge vehicles during its time, this Dodge 230 flathead engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online carries a nostalgic feeling to it that makes it an instant favorite among vintage car collectors and enthusiasts. This Dodge 230 Flathead Engine for sale can be categorized into Dodge Flathead performance parts, and even though it may lack the power and efficiency of modern engines, the good low-end torque makes the Dodge 230 flathead engine suitable for towing and off-roading.

Applications of Dodge 230 flathead engine

  • Dodge Automobiles: Dodge automobiles ranging from the Dodge Deluxe to the Dodge D-Series and the Dodge Coronet in the 1930s and 1940s, trucks like the half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton models had this engine as well. In the late 1940s and all through the 1950s, this engine was used in every Dodge B-Series truck that was manufactured.
  • Plymouth vehicles: This engine was featured in different Plymouth models, especially Plymouth Deluxe and Plymouth Special Deluxe.
  • Industrial equipment: The Robustness and ease of maintenance of the Dodge 230 Flathead engine ensured that it became a popular choice for generators, stationary engines and other industrial equipment as well.
  • Military vehicles: The Dodge 230 Flathead engine peaked in popularity during the Second World War and then went on to become an integral part of military vehicles. It was used to operate the Dodge WC series of manufacturing military trucks that comprised the weapons carriages, the WC51 and WC52, and the WC54, an ambulance truck. This is because it was relatively dependable and easy to employ for use in the military.
  • Desoto vehicles: Some of the de Soto models that the Chrysler Corporation had in its manufacturing line featured the Dodge 230 Flathead engine as well, especially in the middle of the twentieth century.
  • Fargo trucks: Fargo trucks, which were, in effect, Dodge trucks which were marketed in Canada and other global markets, also used the 230 Flathead engine. These trucks were applied in various markets, including commercial and agricultural ones.

Key Features of Dodge 230 Flathead Engine

  • Flathead Design: The 230 Flathead features a unique design where the valves are located in the engine block instead of the cylinder head. This simpler construction makes the engine less complicated and more robust, though it does have some limitations in terms of airflow compared to newer designs.
  • Displacement and Configuration: This engine has an inline-six setup and a displacement of 230 cubic inches (3.8 liters) which strikes a balance between smooth performance and sufficient power for that era and also ensures reliable and consistent power.
  • Durability and Reliability: The Dodge 230 Flathead is one durable engine. The straightforward design of the engine with fewer moving parts guarantees incredible reliability.
  • Torque and Performance: The 230 Flathead engine might not have that raw power promised in modern engines but it has a strong low-end torque. This promises its users everyday driving and light hauling, providing the necessary grunt to get the job done.
  • Cooling System: The Dodge 230 flathead maintains a stable operating temperature all thanks to its water-cooling system. Given the time, the system was very advanced and contributed to the longevity of the engine.
  • Maintenance: For those who like to get their hands dirty, the flathead design made maintenance relatively straightforward. Valve adjustments and other routine tasks were simpler compared to more complex overhead valve engines, making it easier for owners to keep their engines running smoothly.
  • Historical Significance: The Dodge 240 flatheads have just not powered the family cars but military vehicles as well, the engine has played an important and defining role in the automotive world during its production years. For many people, it’s not just machinery but history as well.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find this beast for your Dodge 230 flathead. Nicknamed L-head due to its side-valve or flathead design, this member of the Dodge 230 flathead performance parts brings a lot of nostalgia with it. This Dodge 230 flathead engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online looks slick in design because the valves are located in the engine block next to the cylinders, forming an “L” shape configuration

Myth Busters

  • Myth: The Dodge 230 engines are intrinsically inefficient and cannot compete with engine designs.
    Reality: Despite having airflow compared to valve engines these engines were crafted to be dependable and straightforward. The Dodge 230 Flathead engine was considered efficient during its era, offering performance, for the vehicles it served.
  • Myth: Flathead engines like the Dodge 230 are prone to overheating.
    Reality: Properly maintained Flathead engines are not predisposed to overheating. Issues with overheating usually arise from maintenance practices, radiator blockages or cooling system malfunctions rather than inherent flaws in the engine design itself.
  • Myth: Flathead engines like the Dodge 230 are obsolete and have no practical applications today.
    Reality: Despite advancements in technology flathead engines continue to attract enthusiasts due to their simplicity, easy maintenance requirements and historical significance.
  • Myth: The Dodge 230 Flathead engine is underpowered and cannot perform well.
    Reality: The Dodge 230 was specifically engineered to deliver power, for the vehicles of its time. While it may not match the horsepower of engines it consistently provided performance tailored for the automobiles it propelled.

Additional information

Firing Order


Compression Ratio

6.7: 1


Carburetor system



Valve Train

2 valves per cylinder

Oil Capacity

6 quarts


1942 Dodge 230 Flathead Engine

2 reviews for Dodge 230 Flathead Engine for sale

  1. David Johnson

    I’m very pleased with my purchase from Find Auto Parts Online. The Dodge 230 flathead engine exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and performance. Great value for money!

  2. Michael Thompson

    Purchasing a Dodge 230 flathead engine from Find Auto Parts Online was a fantastic decision. The engine arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Runs like new!

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Product Q&A

Can it run on unleaded gasoline?

Designed originally to run on leaded gasoline, which is no longer widely available, it can be modified to run on unleaded gasoline with the use of additives or by replacing certain components.

What is the Power Output of the Dodge 230 flathead engine?

The power output of the Dodge 230 flathead engine varies depending on the specific model and year. In general, this engine from Dodge 230 flathead produces around 100 to 120 horsepower and 180 to 200 lb-ft of torque. Keep in mind that these numbers can vary based on factors such as modifications, wear and tear, and overall engine condition.

Vehicles with the Dodge 230 flathead engine?

The Dodge 230 flathead engine was used in various Dodge vehicles during the 1940s and 1950s. Found commonly in Dodge trucks, as well as in some Dodge cars such as the Dodge Coronet and Dodge Meadowbrook, it was also used in military vehicles during World War II.

Is the Dodge 230 flathead engine still in production?

No, the Dodge 230 flathead engine is no longer in production. It was phased out in 1959 and replaced by newer engine designs that offered improved performance and efficiency.
dodge 230 flathead engine for sale
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