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B18B1 Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 142
Displacement: 1.8 L
Weight: 260-280 Pounds
Torque: 127 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly used, used


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About B18b1 Engine for Sale

The B18B1 was introduced to the world through its installation in The Honda Integra in 1994. Belonging to the B18 family of Honda engines, the engine improved B18A1, where they replaced the air filter, changed the angle of the fuel injectors, and reflashed the control unit. Quickly becoming a popular engine swap candidate, this B18B1 engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online quickly gained the nickname ‘LS Swap’.

Applications of B18B1 Engine

  • Acura Integra LS (1994-2001): On the type of model, there was the model of the Acura Integra and the LS trim level gave a slightly better combination of special sports and comfort. It mainly features the B18B1 for its engine and choices of a manual 5-speed transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission system. As for the LS trim, it was officially available for coupes; however, it was also possible to have it in sedans.
  • Acura Integra RS (1994-1997): This particular Acura Integra was of RS trim level and this was all out designed with more emphasis on the sportiness and lightweight aspect of the car. This body style’s best-selling model came with the B18B1 inline-4 engine, and 5-speed manual transmission, although it was also available with a B18A1 inline-4 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission as well. General, the RS trim was often offered together with the coupe body style.
  • Honda CR-V (1997-2001): Japan and several other European countries were assigned unique models of the first generation of the Honda CR-V where the B18B1 represented the engine type. The utilization of this very practical format was found to have contributed positively to the increasing torque out and dependable performance of the engine.
  • Honda Orthia: The Honda Orthia was a practical vehicle in a way that it was essentially a compact station wagon, the B18B1 in some parts of the world. This specific model was mainly sold in Japanese and other Asian countries in the 1990s towards the end of the decade.
  • Honda Domani: Though primarily marketed in Japan and some of the European countries the Honda Domani developed from the platform of the later model Acura Integra can also be fitted with the B18B1 engine. Moving now to the Domani, this was offered in two body preferences which were the sedans and the hatchback.

Key Features of B18B1 Engine

  • Inline-Four Configuration: B18B1 is an inline four-cylinder engine that is efficient, small in size, and well-admired by the motorist. It boasts of quite non-tendentious running and quite a decent fuel consumption rate.
  • SOHC Design: On the carburetor engine type, B18B1 is a single overhead camshaft configuration This is regarding the fact that there is a single camshaft handling the function of all the valves of the engine; the intake as well as the exhaust. As an opposition to DOHC, SOHC is much less complicated because it has fewer parts to comprise in an engine hence providing engines the possibility to be maintained.
  • Non-VTEC: However, looking at other engines in the company Honda, the specific model of the engine B18B1, does not have one of the incredible and stylish technologies referred to as VTEC, which stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. But looking at it globally, it is comparatively good at average speed as well as stability on the used device.
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU): the B18B1 engine has an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that controls the engine or alters the fuel and ignition maps for high performance with little polluting.
  • Fuel Injection: Suzuki B18B1 has individual fuel injection points that are several at the intake passages for every cylinder. The given configuration allows for achieving the necessary ratio of fuel and air and the proper combustion of fuel in the engine.
  • Cast Iron Block and Aluminum Cylinder Head: The B18B1 makes use of mainly cast iron since the material provides the stiffness needed at locations where it is used and the cylinder head is of aluminum, weight has been shaved off. Hence, the product possesses mediocre power and acceptable rates of weight loss.
  • Reliability: Besides, Honda previously manufactured B-series engines, including, for instance, B18B1, which is considered rather reliable due to its sturdiness. This type of engine if well maintained can run for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the B18B1 for sale at the perfect price. The B18 family of engines is said to be one of the very best from Honda and this B18B1 Motor for sale at Find Auto Parts Online is perfect for people who need new engines in their Hondas. Additionally, if you’re looking for an engine swap and ever found the B18B1 engine for sale, grab that motor.

Myth Busters

  • Myth: One must state that the B18B1 is not a reliable engine.
    Reality: The B18B1 engine like any other engine should be well maintained; however, many people associate it with being well-built. If they are properly maintained, these engines can run for up to 250000 to 300000 miles
  • Myth: The B18B1 engine is not very popular for its power aspiration, and it does not deliver any major power.
    Reality: Despite being not as raw as high-performance engines, the B18B1 engine can quite significantly be tuned for power. Camshafts, intakes, and exhausts as well as complete engine management tuning offered on the aftermarket, can yield huge power increases.
  • Myth: The B18B1 engine is quite lame and is therefore not desired for use in performance cars.
    Reality: The B18B1 engine is used often in tuning and modifications by car enthusiasts due to it being a powerful stock engine. It is a strong individual item, well backed up by third-party agencies, and ideal for power upgrades which makes it suitable for either street or race missions.
  • Myth: The B18B1 engine on the car is not very fuel efficient.
    Reality: Fuel efficiency may be influenced by the manner that which vehicles are handled as well as their configuration; however, the B18B1 engine delivers rather commendable fuel economy for a car of that class and power. However, with the right kind of tuning and maintenance, it is possible to attain reasonable fuel efficiency, particularly in lighter cars.
  • Myth: Indeed, the B18B1 engine is outdated and will not be good enough to consider investing in.
    Reality: Even though it is an older generation Honda engine, the B18B1 engine is used in engine swaps and as the basis for performance upgrades. This solution is available, inexpensive, and has solid aftermarket counterparts, so it can be used in a large number of projects.

Additional information

Engine block

Cast Iron

Cylinder head



Inline 4

Valve train


Piston stroke

89 mm

Cylinder bore

81 mm

Compression ratio



Naturally Aspirated

Fuel System

Multi-point fuel injection (MPFI)


1994 Acura B18b1 engine

2 reviews for B18B1 Engine for Sale

  1. Mario Lemieux

    I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase from Find Auto Parts Online. The B18B1 engine I received was exactly as described, and it was shipped quickly. I’ll definitely be a returning customer for any future automotive needs.”

  2. Jonathan Toews

    My experience with Find Auto Parts Online was fantastic. I bought a B18B1 engine for my Acura, and it’s been performing flawlessly. The customer service team was also very helpful throughout the process.

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Product Q&A

Availability of B18B1 Engine for sale?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the B18B1 for sale at the perfect price. The B18 family of engines is said to be one of the very best from Honda and this B18B1 Motor for sale at Find Auto Parts Online is perfect for people who need new engines in their Hondas.

What is the price of the B18B1 Engine?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the B18B1 for sale at the perfect price. Please call or Contact us here.

Which type of oil should be used for a B18B1-compatible engine?

The B18B1 engine gets conventional or synthetic motor oil that has the recommended viscosity based on the manufacturer according to the climate in which the car operates.

Can the obtained platforms of B18B1 be employed with Third-party parts?

Ironically, many programs exist for B18B1 to engage and that creates a platform by which enthusiasts can tinker with the characteristics of the engine concerning power, looks, and other related factors if desired.
B18b1 engine for sale
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