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3406e cat engine for sale – 1lw model fully tested

Brand: Caterpillar
Type:Complete Assembly
Fuel type:diesel
No. of Cylinders:6
Cubic inches:893
Liters:14.6 liters
Serial no.:6TS26817
Compression ratio:16.25.1
Bore size:5.4”
Stroke size:6.5”
Maximum Engine Speed: 600-700hp

SKU: O233C Category: Engine


Description of 3406E Cat Engine for sale

The best-selling 3406E is a heavy-duty diesel cat engine with a cylindrical displacement of 14.6 liters with exclusive electronic-based engine series. 3406e cat engines for sale comprise 6 cylinders with a stock turbocharger. The production of the 3406e engine commenced in 1993 and it is proven one of the best cat engines in the series of production of other variations of 3406 cat engines.
CAT 3406E for sale is developed with unique features which make the heavier task work like butter. Mechanics have mostly appreciated the applications of the 3406E cat engine. Caterpillar engines are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency.

3406e is famed for its intense 600 horsepower and torque engine. The cat engine is 893 cubic inches with diesel as the fuel type. As compared to the previous series of 3406 engines the upgraded 3406e has expanded its bore by 0.1 and also, the growth in stroke by 0.25. The mentioned 3406E cat engine for sale has 5.5” as its bore size and 6.5” as its stroke size. Moreover, the 3406E cat engine is a strong block engine with a strong e-model block, 1LW model that comprises a well-organized engine fuel system with two thermostat housing.

You can check more versions of this engine 3406b cat engine.

Features of 3406e cat engine for sale

As the competitors of cat engines emerge rapidly, enormous improvements began in the journey of caterpillar heavy load engines; caterpillar came out with the top engines with intense horsepower and torque. Caterpillar engines are mainly found in heavy load-carrying machines like engines found in mid-water trawlers, freighters, and yachts. Also, 3406eengiunes are developed in an order to provide the best engines for heavy truck loads. The inefficient parts and outdated parts were replaced with higher-efficient parts. With the excellent and intense 600 horsepower, the engine provides no obstacles in the task.
The company has enhanced electronic controls such as the application of new electronic control components for future requirements; and to ease the work it has also added fewer crucial and updated components such as the newest front gear train, overhead camshaft, and many more. The 1LW model has made the 3406E engine look more unique and advanced with two thermostat housing.

History of 3406e cat engine

The history of the caterpillar 3406e engine is anguishing, in the previous era way to 150 years back there were limited resources and technologies. Steam tractors were then used as a primary tool in the agricultural sector. These gigantic steam engines were troublesome and their weight caused the earth to sink in. The problem severely rose in some states therefore urgent alternate solutions were to be made. Many solutions were raised but none of those proved as efficient as every solution was time-consuming and uneconomic.

Benjamin Holt came up with the brilliant idea in 1904 that replaced wheels with a track system; this is how the ‘caterpillar’ term was coined. in the initial commencement of the product, the results were fruitful for the Holt Manufacturing company. However, Holt Manufacturing Company began facing competition from its competitor C. L. Best Tractor. With the passage of time business grew tremendously however during post-World War 1 time eventually both the companies faced troubles and losses. In 1925 both the competitors joined hands together.
As the company amalgamated it brought unique products into existence with its innovative fusion of ideas to resolve the ongoing problems in technical fields, this is how in 1931 diesel engines were inaugurated. Focusing on the advancement of the diesel engines prior they had outdated components and less potential equipment, with the success and fruitful results company focused on persistent development and this is how truck engines were constructed in the late 90’s company entered into the global market and marked their giant presence. In 1993 the series of 3406 caterpillar truck engines were updated and the 3406E cat engines were born.


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