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22.5 Dayton Wheels for Sale – Fully Tested Truck Parts

Diameter of the wheel: Total diameter of the rim is 22.5 inches.
Style: Dayton.
Bolt holes: The complete circle of the bolt holes is 7.12 inches.
Weight: Amounts to 68 lbs.
Spokes: spokes are of equal diameter.
The material used: The wheel metal is made up of steel.
Used in vehicles: Trucks and trailers mainly use these kinds of wheels.
Capacity: The maximum capacity of carrying load is 7300 lbs.
Finish: The shade of white or silver.
Accessories: Hub ring is used.

SKU: Y21A2 Category: Wheels/Rims


Description of 22.5 Dayton Wheels for Sale

The 22.5 Dayton wheels for sale are a popular selection for people who own trucks, buses, or trailers. Since the size and diameter of the wheels are large, they are not compatible with smaller vehicles. It is meant to carry large amounts of weight and weighs more than regular wheels. Truck and bus drivers prefer using 22.5 Dayton wheels, as they have been used for many years. The white finish of the wheels gives the vehicle a stylish look even when it is carrying huge weights. The steel used also adds to the look.

Dayton tires provide the best-in-class tires for vehicles of all kinds. Throughout the world, car enthusiasts believe in Dayton tires as the best wheels of all. 22.5-inch Dayton wheels are one such creation that is still used today in a wide range of vehicles. The build and material used are what make the 22.5 Dayton wheels for sale so popular. Even though the production of this wheel started long ago, it is still prevalent in the market. Dayton wheels have a lot to offer that powers up your vehicle for on-road experiences.

Features of 22.5 Dayton Wheels

From the specifications of the 22.5 Dayton wheels for sale, we get many attractive features.

The diameter of the tire or the base of the wheel being large is a perfect fit for heavy-duty vehicles. Despite being a wheel for trucks and trailers, it does not compromise on the look. The weight of the wheels speaks for itself; it is capable of holding large vehicles and an extreme amount of load.

The carrying capacity is a whopping 7300 lbs, which again proves how useful the 22.5 Dayton wheels are. The diameter, bolts, and material used make for a perfect combination of an efficient wheel.

History of 22.5 Dayton Wheels

Dayton wheels came out in 1916. So it is evident that they have been used for more than a century now. It was established in Dayton, which is in Ohio. When the 22.5 Dayton wheels first came into being, they were a rage in the market and are still used today. They created an overpowered set of wheels that do not rust as they are made from stainless steel. It is much different from the chrome wheels and has more strength.

Dayton has been famous for its 22.5 Dayton wheels ever since it started production. These wheels are good enough to fit your truck if you want it to bear the excessive load. They are effective for bumpy roads as well as long distances of travel. So do not think further and purchase your set of 22.5 Dayton wheels for sale at an affordable price.


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