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2007 Ford F150 5.4 triton lariat V8 Engine for sale

Engine Type: V-8 iron block, aluminum heads
Bore/Stroke: 3.55 x 4.16 in
Displacement: 330 cu in, 5400 cc
Compression Ratio: 9.8:1
Fuel Injection: Sequential multi-port electronic
Valvetrain: SOHC, 3 Valves per cylinder
Power: 300 hp@ 5,000 rpm
Torque: 365 lb.-ft. @ 3,750 rpm
Oil Capacity: 7 qt
Coolant Capacity: 20.7 qt
Transmission Type: 4-speed automatic overdrive (4R75E)
Gear Ratios: 4-speed automatic O/D

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The 2007 ford f150 5.4 triton comes in a broad range of models, and they all seem to have nicely balanced suspensions that make them enjoyable to drive and well-designed comfortable cabs. It becomes difficult to ride over dirt roads but the 2007 Ford F150 5.4 engine offers a quiet and refined ride over dirt roads, rough pavements, and freeway slabs. Double wishbones front suspensions and rack and pinion steering, 2007 Ford F150 delivers impressive ride and handling dynamics for full-size pickup trucks. The trucks excessive curb weight bogs down 4.2 liters V8 so the 5.4 liters V8 is strongly recommended for most consumers. F150 engines for sale provided a smooth brake pedal feel. Cab accommodations are pleasant in F150 as the 2007 Ford F150 5.4 V8 provides simple controls, solid materials, and plenty of room to spread out. Ford F150 5.4 V8 has a standard split-bench seat with a column shifter, but it can be upgraded to a captain’s chair and a console shifter.

They also provide controlled handling with a minimum of body roll in corners. The steering is responsive for cornering and these trucks track like a laser beam on the highway. Brakes are smooth and responsive. The big 5.4 Liter V8 is smooth and quiet and delivers quick acceleration. A new DVD navigation system and Sirius satellite are available and an auxiliary audio input jack is now standard on most models. Powers folding mirrors are now available on 2007 FX4 and ford F150 5.4/V8 Lariat models, a useful feature for parking in tight quarters.

Rising fuel prices and a move towards smaller vehicles have forced the company to revise its F-150 lineup by offering more features and options with an aggressive new pricing strategy. Ford continues to offer a dizzying array of configurations as well as a new 5.4-liter V8 flex fuel engine that could run on E85, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Ford motor provides a triton engine having 5.4 liters naturally aspirated V8 engine used to power full-size trucks and sport utility vehicles like the fort F150, ford expedition, and lincoln navigator. The ford triton architecture has been part of the ford. Modular family since 1997 featuring a single (SOHC) or dual overhead cam (DOHC) Design in a V configuration. Along with providing power to large trucks and SUVs is also used to power sports cars like the fort Mustang Cobra R (2000), the Ford Shelby GT 500 (2007-2012), and Ford GT. It also went under the hood of the ford falcon (2002-2010) sports Sedan dedicated to the Australian market.

Specifications of 2007 ford f150 engine

● The 2007 ford f150 engine is a long running engine from 1997 to 2007. Power comes in at 235-550 horsepower and 330-570 torque. Output depends upon the year and the model. The engine saw several revisions during its lifespan. It was ranked on ward’s 10 Best engines list for 1997-1998 and 2000-2002 at the time when it was first introduced in a SOHC configuration. The year later, ford added a 3 valve SOHC design up until 1999 when it shifted to a 4 valve dual overhead cam setup. The new configuration not only improved fuel efficiency but overall performance as well. The performance numbers were impressive for the era the 5.4 L engine was released.

● For the ford GT, ford heavily modified the engine by way of a 230 Lysholm screw-type supercharge duel fuel injections per cylinder and oil squinters for the piston skirts. These features were not found in other fond Modular engines at the time.

Vehicles powered by Ford 5.4L /V8 for sale are:-
● Ford expedition
● Ford E-series
● Ford F150
● Ford GT
● Ford Mustang
● Lincoln Blackwood
● Lincoln Navigator

The 2007 ford f150 5.4 triton with bore and stroke of 90mm and 106mm respectively. The compression ratio of the ford 5.4 triton engine is 9.0:1(2 valves): 9.8:1(3 valves). It has a max power RPM Of 550@6500 rpm. The value of torque provided is 500lb-ft@3,7500rpm. The ford f150 5.4 triton engine for sale requires the need of a cast aluminum and chain camshaft drive.

Towing and hauling capacities have been increased for 2007, and ford claims the f-150 is the most capable truck in its class. A 2007 f-150 can tow 10,500 pounds or haul more than 3,050 pounds in the bed.

Four-wheel antilock disc brakes are considered standard across the board and the traction control is optional on f-150 engine 5/4/V8. As compared to its competitors, the f-150 does not offer side airbags or stability control. Frontal control testing by NHTSA resulted in a perfect five-star rating.

F-150 5.4/V8 is short on storage space. Hauling larger items is no problem; however as the rear seats in extended cabs and crew cabs fold up to make way for cargo. A full-size pickup truck, the 2007 ford F-150 5.4/V8 is available in regular cab, super cab, and super crew cab body styles.

Models that use the 5.4 tritons:-
● 1997-2010 Ford F-150
● 1999-2004 SVT lightning
● 1997-2014 ford expedition
● 1997-2014 Lincoln Navigator
● 2000 ford Mustang SVT Cobra R
● 2007-2012 Ford Shelby GT 500/GT 500KR
● 2005-2006 Ford GT

This is not the whole list as the ford 54l triton engine is also in a few other, “special” cars. Nonetheless, the engine powers quite a few flagship cars and trucks from ford. Models like GT 500 and Ford GT use higher performance 4 valves variants of the 5.4 tritons. Most older 5.4 L triton up to 2004 use a 2 value variant while the bulk of engines from 2004 up use the 3 valve variant.

History of ford 150:-

The Ford F150 trucks were introduced to the United States in 1948 and they were known as the Ford Bonus-Built trucks. They were built on a dedicated truck platform, unlike earlier versions that were built from car chassis during the war. Ford’s very first truck was built in 1917 and it was based on the Model T and named the Ford Model TT. The truck had a cargo capacity of one ton back in the day, which, if you can imagine, was no small feat for that era.

Los Angeles, Nov. 27, 2017 – Ford, America’s truck leader for 40 straight years, has bested all competitors to earn 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year honors for the new Ford F-150. This is the fifth win for F-150, and this award follows the all-new Ford Super Duty capturing the award in 2017.

“Back-to-back wins for F-150 and Super Duty reflect what we’re also seeing and hearing from customers as we celebrate 40 straight years as America’s favorite and best-selling trucks,” said Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president and president, North America. “The Ford Truck team stretched further than ever to deliver our toughest, most capable and smartest trucks.”

The Ford F-150 line went up against the latest competitive truck offerings in a program that combined empirical and real-world testing to find the truck that best met the award’s key criteria: advancement in design, engineering excellence, safety, value, efficiency and performance of intended function. Motor Trend editors put to the test four vehicles from the Ford pickup lineup: the 2018 F-150 XL with the all-new 3.3-liter V6 engine, F-150 Lariat with the all-new 2.7-liter Eco Boost, F-150 Platinum with an enhanced 5.0-liter V8, and the high-performance off-road F-150 Raptor.


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