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Volvo D13 Turbo Engine for Sale – Fully Tested Engine

Brand: Volvo
Condition: Used
Engine: Volvo D13 engine
Serial Number:
Fuel system: Common Rail
Fuel type: Diesel
Displacement: 12.8 Liters 780 cubic inches
Weight: 235 kg
Horsepower: 500 hp 1500 RPM
Torque: 1,379-1,765ft-lb) @ 1,050 rpm lb-ft RPM
Bore: 131mm (5.16 inches)
Stroke: 158mm (6.22 inches)
Compression ratio: 18:1
Camshaft: Single Overhead camshaft
Cooling system:
Warranty: up to 1 year

SKU: GVN5T Category: Engine


Description of Volvo D13 Engine for Sale

The cost is next to nothing and the competitive Volvo D13 engine for sale, adding further we are selling the used and fully tested Volvo D13, with 12 months warranty. If you are looking for a master engine for your Volvo truck then waste no other second and contact now before the Volvo D13 crate engine gets out of your hand. The Volvo D13 turbo engine has 500 horsepower at @1500 RPM and 1765 lb-ft torque at @1050 RPM with a displacement of 12.8 liters 780 cubic inches.

The Volvo D13 engine comes with a common rail fuel system and diesel fuel type, weighing 235 kg. It features an 18:1 compression ratio with a bore size of 5.16 inches 131mm and stroke size of 6.22 inches 158mm, the engine comes up with the upgraded two-speed water cooling pump, overhead camshaft, exhaust gas recirculation, the turbocharger installed with new wave pistons that enhances the fuel efficiency of the engine.

Volvo Motors has produced an exuberant Volvo D13 an inline 6-cylinder engine with enormous admiring features. D13 crate engine runs on a diesel common rail fuel system. Volvo D13 features a compression ratio of 18:1 with the horsepower ranging between 335 hp to 500 hp at 1500RPM and torque ranging from 1,379 to 1,765ft-lb at 1050 RPM. D13 Volvo engine has 12.8 liters and 780 cubic inches displacement, the bore size of 5.16 inches 131mm, and stroke size of 6.22 inches 158mm.

Features of Volvo D13 engine for sale

Volvo Trucks has made constant efforts and persistence in building their best engine that would reduce the emissions of CO2 resulting in higher fuel efficiency. The Volvo focused on innovative hardware to maximize durability, it is designed with a new wave piston that reduces friction and supplements power in the Volvo engines and improves combustion, and installation of clutched air compressor, upgraded crankcase ventilation system, and high-pressure fuel injection system are the following updated features in Volvo D13 engine.

D13 Volvo engine runs on diesel using a common rail fuel system this feature utilizes each drop of fuel and results in higher fuel efficiency and enhances reliability. The other prominent feature is high-efficiency Volvo engines brought a system for drivers to keep self-monitoring the speed, weight, and engine load that would not affect the overall performance of the Volvo engines.

History of Volvo D13 Engine

Volvo used an EGR system that is cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and a DPF that is Diesel Particulate System these modifications and improvements were made to follow EPA 2007 Emission Regulations. Further, under the 2010 EPA Emission Standards SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) was developed in the Volvo D13 engine to cut off the NOx emissions. Volvo built all its engines according to the 2013 EPA emission standards which stated the requirement of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) on all diesel engines to ensure the diesel engines got abide by the emissions standards above the emission level set by EPA. Overall Volvo produced an excellent in-line cylinder D13 engine that meets the EPA standards and results in higher fuel efficiency.


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