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Used ZF6 Transmission for Sale

(2 reviews)
  • Type: Manual Transmission
  • Model: ZF6
  • Maker: ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Speeds: 6 forward speeds + 1 reverse
  • Condition: Used


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Rare ZF6 Transmission for Sale     

Find Auto Parts Online is your premier destination for ZF6 transmissions for sale. Whether you’re seeking a robust manual transmission for your Ford truck, a reliable option for your Duramax-powered GM vehicle, or a quality replacement for your BMW, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive inventory includes used ZF6 transmissions for sale, the perfect thing for you.

ZF6 Transmission

The ZF6 transmission, produced by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, is a robust and versatile manual gearbox known for its durability and smooth operation. It features six forward gears and one reverse gear, offering precise shifting capabilities suitable for both heavy-duty trucks and high-performance vehicles. The transmission is commonly found in diesel-powered trucks and offers excellent towing capabilities and reliability under demanding conditions. With its synchronized gears and sturdy construction, the ZF6 transmission provides drivers with enhanced control and efficiency, making it a popular choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking a dependable manual transmission solution.

Features of ZF6 Transmission

  • Heavy-Duty Design: Engineered for durability and reliability in demanding conditions, making it suitable for trucks and high-performance applications.
  • Dual-Mass Flywheel: Enhances smoothness and reduces driveline vibrations for improved comfort and drivability.
  • Synchronized Gears: Provides seamless gear engagement and precise shifting, ensuring efficient power delivery.
  • Torque Capacity: Designed to handle high torque outputs, allowing for robust towing capabilities and performance under load.
  • Manual Control: Offers direct driver engagement with a mechanical feel, appealing to enthusiasts and professionals seeking a traditional driving experience.
  • Enhanced Cooling: Includes features for improved thermal management to maintain optimal operating temperatures during heavy use.
  • Longevity: Built with quality materials and components to withstand extended use, resulting in longer service life and reduced maintenance needs.
  • Adaptability: Compatible with various engine configurations and vehicle types, supporting a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

The  ZF6 Transmission can Fit


  • Ford Super Duty Trucks: Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford F-450 and Ford F-550
  • Ford Excursion: Used in certain model years with diesel engines.
  • Chevrolet and GMC Trucks: Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra HD
  • Dodge Ram Trucks: Certain model years of the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 with diesel engines.
  • Performance Vehicles: Some high-performance aftermarket applications where manual transmissions are preferred.


  • Diesel Engines: Cummins ISB, ISC, ISL, Ford Power Stroke Diesel (various displacements)
  • Gasoline Engines: Ford Modular V8 (5.4L, 6.8L), Chevrolet Vortec V8 (6.0L), Dodge Viper V10 (8.0L)
  • Other Applications: Caterpillar C7, International DT466, Mercedes-Benz OM460

Performance and Reliability

The ZF6 transmission is known for its reliability, especially in diesel applications. It’s often praised for its smooth shifting and ability to handle high torque loads. However, some gasoline variants have reported casting issues, so it’s essential to research the specific model you’re considering.

When compared to other transmissions like the 4R100, the ZF6 often comes out on top in terms of durability and performance for heavy-duty applications.

Rarity and Value

Manual transmissions like the ZF6 are becoming increasingly rare in some applications. For instance, less than 1% of Duramax trucks came equipped with manual transmissions, potentially increasing the value of these units.

Additional information

Torque Rating

Up to 750 lb-ft (varies by application)

Overall Length

33.5 inches

Bellhousing to Tailshaft Length

26.5 inches


290 lbs. (dry weight)

Fluid Type

Mercon V

Fluid Capacity

4.5 quarts

Input Shaft

1-1/8" 10-spline

Output Shaft


Gear Ratios

1st Gear: 5.79:1
2nd Gear: 3.31:1
3rd Gear: 2.10:1
4th Gear: 1.31:1
5th Gear: 1.00:1
6th Gear: 0.72:1
Reverse: 5.23:1


2001 Chevrolet zf6 Transmission

2 reviews for Used ZF6 Transmission for Sale

  1. Steve

    Installed the used ZF6 Transmission from Find Auto Parts Online in my Ford Super Duty, and it’s a game-changer! Shifts are buttery smooth, and the durability is top-notch. Find Auto Parts Online came through with quality and reliability, making it a solid choice for anyone looking to upgrade their truck transmission.

  2. Mark

    Thrilled with the used ZF6 Transmission I got from Find Auto Parts Online for my Ford F-250! The shifts are precise, and it handles heavy loads with ease. It’s a perfect match for drivers who demand performance and dependability in their trucks. Find Auto Parts Online delivered exactly what I needed for my off-road adventures.

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Product Q&A

What makes the ZF6 transmission unique?

The ZF6 stands out for its robust manual design, offering enthusiasts and truckers alike a tactile driving experience with precise gear shifts and high torque capacity.

Can the ZF6 transmission be upgraded for more performance?

Yes, enthusiasts often enhance the ZF6 with aftermarket clutch kits, short-throw shifters, and upgraded gear sets to boost its handling and performance capabilities

How does the ZF6 handle towing and off-road challenges?

Known for its durability, the ZF6 excels in towing heavy loads and navigating rugged terrains, making it a preferred choice for trucks and SUVs requiring reliability under tough conditions.

What maintenance does the ZF6 transmission require?

Regular fluid changes with Mercon V or equivalent fluid and periodic clutch inspections are recommended to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Is the ZF6 transmission suitable for racing applications?

While primarily designed for heavy-duty use, some racing enthusiasts appreciate its robust build and adaptability for performance upgrades, making it a versatile choice for racing trucks and custom builds.

What vehicles typically use the ZF6 transmission?

The ZF6 transmission is commonly found in heavy-duty trucks like Ford Super Duty models, offering drivers a dependable manual option in a segment increasingly dominated by automatics.

Does the ZF6 transmission offer any fuel efficiency benefits?

Compared to its automatic counterparts, the manual ZF6 can provide better fuel economy in certain driving conditions, appealing to drivers mindful of efficiency without compromising on performance.
used zf6 transmission for sale 
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