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Lexus IS 250 Headlights


Item Weight 20.5 pounds
Package Dimensions 24.9 x 20.4 x 11.5 inches
Manufacturer Part Number AA-08
Position Front
Bulb Type LED
Safety Rating DOT Certified

SKU: 6EK3W Category: Head Lights



LEXUS is a luxury vehicle division of Japanese automobile manufacturer TOYOTA. It was founded in 1989 by EIIJI TOYOTA. It deals in sedan, convertible, and SUV models. Lexus being one of the biggest brands operates worldwide and deals in luxury and performance vehicles.


LEXUS IS 250 Headlights is a sedan sports series car introduced in 1998. Till now 3 generations of this car has been introduced and currently 3rd generation is going on. The design has been evolved over time, 2nd generation of this car was convertible. First-generation was introduced in 1998, the second in 2005, and third in 2013.



LEXUS IS 250 HEADLIGHTS supports both low beam and high beam. It is brighter than regular. Includes turn signals. It is recommended to use high beams in fewer visibility areas like rainy or foggy areas or on highways and use a low beam inside the city. It provides a good amount of visibility at night time also. It is trusted to deliver superior performance in every condition. Visibility is increased drastically.


It is a daytime running light that is capable of bearing all extreme weather conditions be it rain, snow or fog. The light is brighter than other lights as well. The color temperature is around 6000 kelvin and the performance is also pretty high quality.


The light has a precise edge-to-edge fitment. There are many companies offering this light, though it is an aftermarket light it is true to its original size. The light has an easy installation method, the light comes preassembled so there is no need for complex wiring. You can just splice and join the wire of headlight with car and you are good to go. It is a plug-and-play type. The package of LEXUS IS 250 HEADLIGHTS will include 2 headlights and necessary adjustments.


Battery consumption is 12 volt 35 watts for 1 headlight which is comparatively lesser than other lights. As it consumes less battery energy from your car. That means the total consumption is reduced for both the headlights. The saving of electrical energy thus enhances the overall vehicle’s performance.


The HEADLIGHT is pretty durable, the lens and body have a long life span and running time. It has been manufactured using the finest body parts be it the frame or internal parts like tungsten, electrodes, filament, etc. It is way more durable and long-lasting than regular lights. The lens is UV coated and also the body is made up of aluminum. It is waterproof and shockproof


The HEADLIGHT comes with a 1-year warranty and is ISO certified. Warranty depends on the manufacturer. Some provide a 1-year warranty while some provide more than 1 year. So it has been manufactured according to set standards and following al basic requirements.

One important point to be remembered is that you must check the Company’s credibility before purchasing this headlight. Most companies are DOT or SAE certified. Do check before making your purchase and purchase trusted products.

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Ans. Yes many companies offer a single piece of headlight but you must use a complete pair so as to avoid any damage or irregularity.

Ans. You can contact the seller or the agent website you are purchasing from. Different companies offer different warranty period so just go through the terms before making a purchase.

Ans. The color temperature of light is around 6000 kelvin and also the distance this light travels on road is much larger than the regular lights. Light spreads to a wider distance which increases the visibility drastically.

Ans. No you are not supposed to use any extra attachment along because it voids the warranty of the product.

Ans. It supports both low beam and high beam.


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