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Used JK Dana 44 Front Axle for Sale – Fully Tested Parts

Ring gear measurement: .5 inches or 216mm
Diameter of the pinion shaft: 1.375 inches
Wide range of the gear ratio: 2.72:1 to 5.89:1
Diameter for the front Axle shaft: 1.18 inches
Diameter of the rear Axle shaft: 1.18 inches

SKU: ANR2E Category: Wheels/Rims


Description of Dana 44 Front Axle Jeep JK for sale

Dana 44 axle, manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation, is used in trucks and jeeps. The Dana 44 axle can be used as an auto part when the tires are fairly large but not as large. Even though there are stronger and stouter auto parts in the market, you can easily make your Dana 44 stronger with the help of many parts. But the Dana 44 Front Axle is not any less in strength. Check out the functions of The Dana 44 to evaluate properly. It is strongly suggested to opt for it for the Dana 44, be it on-road or off-road.

  1. Thick tube

Durability is the best offered in the used jk dana 44 front axles for sale because of the measurement of the Tube being 5/16 inches. The strength is incomparable to other tubes.

  1. Thick brackets

To make your jeep suitable for off-road experiences, Dana 44 provides a thick bracket, the size of 1 /4 ” of steel. This helps to support and restrict bending.

  1. Caster angle

You get a better caster angle for jeeps that are uplifted to avoid bumper jerks.

  1. Longevity and protection

The sturdy Dana 44 Front Axle provides better protection to vehicle auto parts as well as lasts longer inspire of rough use.

Dana 44 Front Axle compatibility with vehicles

Jeep– Wagoner, Wrangler, Venezuelan, Jeepster Commando

Dodge– Ramcharger

Nissan– Titan

International harvester – Scout

Features of the Dana 44 Front Axle 

  1. Improved strength and resistance 

The Dana 44 Front Axle for your Jeep is built in such a way that it provides your vehicle with rough usage. Your vehicle becomes compatible with all kinds of terrain, however rocky or rough it may be. With additional auto parts, it becomes the strongest ever.

  1. Durability  

The vehicle becomes durable against all adversities. With the thick tubes mentioned above, the Jeep becomes resistant to off-road usage.

  1. Housing strength 

The Axle housing in Dana 44 Axle is stronger than Dana 30. This gives a better ability for the vehicle to move on rocky terrains. The Dana 30 can overcome small obstacles but when it comes to Dana 44, the strength is on another level. And in order to achieve greater performance it is best to not go with thicker tubes than 5/16 inches. That can cause bending.

  1. Ring Gear

The Dana 44 provides a greater ring Gear diameter than the Dana 30. A larger ring Gear regulates the load on it. But, it is worth mentioning that the Dana 60 has an even larger one. So, it provides better regulation on load. But it is also important to analyze if you need a larger one.

  1. Axle shafts

The Axle shaft has definitely more strength than The Dana 30 Axle. So, it becomes easier to operate off-road. This makes the Dana 44 Axle a superior model to the Dana 30 Axle.

  1. Cost

With the Dana 44 Axle, you get a stronger performance than Dana 30. So, it is going to cost you more. But if you are looking for rough terrain usage and not very strained, you can easily go for the Dana 44 rather than the Dana 60 Axle. Dana 60 will cost you much more.

  1. Handles thick tires

The Dana 44 Front Axle can handle up to 36 inches of the tire. This is more than enough to maneuver through rough terrain and driving.

  1. Strongest Axle

Keeping in mind the engine performance and many more, the Dana 44 Front Axle JK is the strongest of all other axles.

History of Dana 44 Front Axle Jeep JK 

It has been more than 50 years that The Dana 44 Front Axle Jeep JK has become a favorite for rough driving experience devotees. Even though there have been other versions of the Dana, like the Dana 30 or the Dana 60, Dana 44 has been the go-to choice. Dana 30 was a little less advantageous for off-road usage. But the Dana 60 was an upgraded version of the Dana 44. Even so, you will find the Jeep equipped with Dana 44 Front Axle worldwide.

It went through a number of modifications on different vehicles from the Ford Thunderbird to the Chevrolet Blazer and Ramcharger. Because of the absolute versatility of Dana 44, it has still been the number for many and you will still find it with the ones engaged in extremely rough terrain driving.


It is best that you consult an expert regarding your purchase of the used jk dana 44 front axles for sale. An expert will be able to suggest which one is the best for your Jeep. But the strain or the level of usage is something to be kept in mind.



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