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For a newer car it is almost rare to see an Ash Tray or Lighter installed within it. But, in almost 60 years ago, this was a very relevant feature in the car.  This was installed right beside of your set or in the front, near the gear box. But, later on their demand started falling. There have been various reasons for this.

Some of the papers say that this is because of the new laws related to smoking. This decreased the demand for such cars. This results in adding of several benefits and excluding these. If you are a user of such old car and want to replace the damaged system available within your car, then you can go for a used Ash Tray/Lighter that is available. It is even possible that you can even add these devices to your own car. But, for this, you might need an expert to provide a proper finished. These components look great within your car, if installed well. It brings up a nostalgic look. Overall, this will be a great component in both perspectivism, for the replacement as well as addition. And these are way better than those new modernized-stylized one, in all matters.

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