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Used Pusher Axle for Sale – Fully Tested Engine for Sale

Axle for advanced cement mixer: This is a used pusher axle for sale which is produced by Hendrickson
Watson & Chalin Pusher axle for Sterling Acterra: This pusher works well with the Acterra model of the year 2007. As for the make, compatible with Sterling
Axle for Sterling series: The model for which this pusher axle for sale can be used is the Sterling 9500 series. The year of manufacture is 2002
Axle for Peterbilt: The pusher axle works for the Peterbilt 1997 series and the model number is 378
Axle for Freightliner: The particular used pusher axle for sale can be a match for the Freightliner Condor Low Cab forward series from the year 2002


SKU: ZFY3M Category: Wheels/Rims


Description of Used Pusher Axle for Sale

When buying a used pusher axle for sale, get in touch with the seller to find out the years of usage and the exact compatibility. We provide pusher axles for sale for all kinds of truck makes and models, so you can be assured that you will get what you are looking for.

Before purchasing a pusher axle, it is necessary to understand its utility and the value it adds to the truck when attached to it. It provides stability for the vehicle. A certain amount of weight is relieved by this wondrous instrument, and it is distributed so as not to put pressure on the wheels. A pusher axle is present at the front of the drive axle. It provides stability while cornering. It is not to be confused with a tag axle, as those are the ones found at the rear. Both of these axles are referred to as “lift axles” because their primary function is to lift and distribute weight evenly. So, from the description of the pusher axle for sale in trucks, we know how it can be used and what help it provides in the maintenance of the truck.

A pusher axle can be both stationary and liftable. When a lift axle is situated at the front of the drive axle, it is called a pusher axle. One of them is said to be a tag axle. If you add a pusher axle, your truck will be able to carry more weight. The load on the truck will be distributed evenly, thus not affecting its performance or speed. The suspensions have airbags, which help in lifting weights. It can also use steel springs for this purpose. A pusher axle for sale indeed increases the load on the truck’s wheels alone. But the axles are designed to distribute the weight. This will make the truck tires last longer with such heavyweights than you would expect. But special care must be taken so that the tires do not wear out or scrub off the external surface.

Features of Used Pusher Axle for Sale

The pusher axles for sale that are available with us are in working condition. You can get axles for all types of trucks, models, and makes based on their suitable production years. Ones available with us can be used for lifting trucks from the rear and front. The products have been used by truck owners and sold in good, usable condition. The proper production date and stock number for each used pusher axle are provided for your reference. They are well-checked and have been reported to work for many years on trucks without any cause for trouble or wearing out.

History of Pusher Axle

Efforts were made to properly position truck instruments on the chassis in order to improve truck performance. This is the reason lift axles were made. They were earlier used in the early 1940s. Just like truck engines, advancements were made on these lift axles as well. Mechanical and hydraulic advancements have been made. Apart from trucks, these axles can be used in other wheeled machines and instruments. So the utility of this simple truck part increases even more.



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