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Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights

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Jeep is an American automobile company founded in 1943. It is a division from fiat automobiles and Atlantis. The first model of jeep wrangler was introduced in 1986 and currently, the latest model was introduced in 2018 also which is the fourth generation of the vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights

PERFORMANCE: The headlight is pretty efficient, it is capable of delivering superior performance in every climatic condition. Alongside JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS generates less heat which does not harm the lens.

Most headlights are not capable of bearing extreme conditions, they either get fogged up or the lens gets damaged due to extreme heat, but not in the case of these headlights. You get a white light with a slight mixture of yellow light which is enough to light up the road ahead.

DURABILITY: These headlights are known to last longer than regular headlights as they are DOT approved. The materials used to manufacture the frame and lens of JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS are quite solid and strong.

The lens is uv coated. Also, the headlight has approximately 60000 hours of running life. Also, the light is not like regular plastic lights, it is made up of glass.

BATTERY CONSUMPTION: These headlights are an upgrade over halogens, JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS is a daytime running light that says that it provides adequate lighting even during the daytime.

Now comes the topic of power consumption, which is around 50 or 60 watts for 1 headlight so in total there is 100 watts or 120-watt battery consumption for both headlights combined. This figure is comparatively lesser than other lights.

BRIGHTNESS AND VISIBILITY: The headlights emit pure white and bright light with a mixture of slight yellow light. The JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS are brighter than other regular lights as a result it provides more visibility on the road.

If we talk about brightness it is 5000 lumens for high beam and 3500 lumens for low beam. The color temperature of light is around 6000 kelvin. It is advised to use high beam in low visibility areas like foggy and rainy areas or hilly areas and use low beam when you are inside the city.

EASY INSTALLATION: The 7-inch headlight comes preassembled which means there is no need for extra complicated wiring. You need to just splice and join the wires and it is ready for use. The package of JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS includes 2 headlights, 2 adapters, and an installation guide. No need to purchase anything extra along with the package.

However if you find it difficult to install the headlight on your own, there are various installation videos available on the internet for your help but if then too you find it difficult to install them at home, then in that case you may take the help of a professional.

WARRANTY: The JEEP WRANGLER LED HEADLIGHTS generally comes with a 1 or 2-year warranty depending upon the company. Some companies offer a 1-year warranty, they claim less running time while the ones with a 2-year warranty offer more running time. The headlight is waterproof and shockproof.

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Ans. It is all operated from your vehicle. When you switch from low beam to high beam the light spreads and travels a larger distance. Your visibility area is increased.

Ans. Yes some brands offer parking indicators. Please check before buying.

Ans. No these light does not harm other drivers on road.

Ans. No they are just plug and play types.

Ans. Yes these lights can work in snowy regions.


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