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G37 Sedan Headlights


Item Weight 24.2 pounds
Package Dimensions 30 x 29 x 15 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 9-P1IG374D10BS
Position Right,Left
Bulb Type Low Beam: D2S / High Beam: H7

SKU: G43K7 Category: Engine


G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS is a part of the sports car series contrived and promoted under NISSAN. It is a 2-seater car recognized for its up-to-date machinery and lightweight. It was one of the finest convertible sports cars ever made in times gone by. Its first generation was launched in 2003 and more generations were launched.



The frame and lens used in this G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS is pretty rough and tough. The frame has been made using the finest quality material which is able to bear all kinds of thrilling climate situations and also the lens which is of satisfactory quality and UV coated so it can bear the thrilling heat discharging from the bulb.


Most headlights have difficulty of getting fogged up due to compression in the foggy areas and also they discontinue working if they are not able to bear the rainy season. Their presentation gets affected but not in the case of these headlights, you won’t find any difficulty using these G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS, they will perform every time.


The gaze and appearance of G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS are completely unlike and fashionable. You will see the alteration yourself after putting on the headlights.


G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS has a very relaxed installation process. The light comes preassembled so there is no necessity for the execution of complex wiring, you can just plug it and the headlight will be ready for use.


There are different companies that offer this headlight so it is up to you which type you want to purchase. Some companies provide a 1-year warranty while some propose more than 1 year. This is not fixed. There are various claims of various companies about operating time and strength so just review the specifications before buying the product.


G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS has a clear-cut edge to edge cutting. It has been intended for perfect fit and compatibility with your car. The local market lights are intended for perfect fitting for your vehicle therefore any company will provide you exact fitting.


First of all the G37 SEDAN HEADLIGHTS suits both high beam and low beam. If you practice high beam the brightness is around 5000 lumens while if you practice low beam the brightness is around 3500 lumens. It is recommended to use a high beam in low visibility areas like fog, snow or hilly parts and use a low beam when you drive inside the city. The color temperature of light is around 6000 kelvin.


Comprised components are 2 headlights, 2 adapters, and a user guide for your help.

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Ans. There is no such provision from company’s side. The parts used in manufacturing are pretty strong and solid so there is no question about durability. These lights are DOT certifies therefore you can always purchase these lights

Ans. Yes these lights are way brighter than normal lights. You can compare the lumens which is the measuring unit of brightness. You will see the alteration yourself once you apply these light. They travel a larger and wider distance than other regular lights.

Ans. The installation process is quite simple because the light comes preassembled. However you can always watch the installation videos available on YouTube or get help of a professional. You don’t need to perform complex and difficult wiring process just like other lights, you need to just plug the light with the cable of car and you are all ready to go.


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