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Dodge RAM 1500 Headlights

Package Dimensions 76.2 x 58.42 x 33.02 cm; 10.84 Kilograms
Item part number 9-P1FFU06C
Manufacturer Part Number 9-P1FFU06C
Position Right, Left
Bulb Type Low Beam: H11, High Beam: H7
Item Weight 10 kg 800 g

SKU: Y92YZ Category: Head Lights


Dodge is an American automobile company started by dodge brothers- john Francis dodge and Elgin dodge in 1900 in Detroit, Michigan. It deals in cars, SUVs and vans.

Dodge ram 1500 headlights is a pickup vehicle started in the year 1981, which was the first generation. Currently the 5th generation is going on which was launched in 2019. It was a sort of full size cargo pickup vehicle. Earlier this series was marketed under the name of DODGE itself but later on after 2010 it was taken over by Chrysler group.


They are designed as direct replacement of headlights which means that all the wiring is preassembled, only the headlight and car wires need to be connected and you need to do some simple wiring. These lights are ISO certified and meet all the quality standards.

Moreover this headlight are perfect for daily use as using it lowers the energy consumption. They improve the performance of your vehicle due to saving of electrical energy, and also lasts much longer than them.

Moreover they are an upgrade over your normal headlight. The projector lens offers both a unique aesthetic style and increased visibility, be it in rain or sunshine. The projector headlights are manufactured using the finest German projector components.


1.) BRIGHTNESS: It supports both low beam and high beam. It is recommended to use high beam in less visibility areas like rainy or foggy areas or on highways and use low beam inside the city. It provides a good amount of visibility at night time also. It is trusted to deliver superior performance in every condition. Visibility is increased drastically. These lights emit pure white bright light and also the DODGE RAM 1500 HEADLIGHTS are stylish and have trendy looks. You would see the difference yourself after installing the lights.

2.) DURABLE AND STABLE QUALITY: The DODGE RAM 1500 HEADLIGHTS has a long life span and running time. It has been manufactured using finest body parts be it frame or internal parts like tungsten, electrodes, filament, etc. It is way more durable and long lasting than the regular lights. One important point to be remembered is that you must check the Company’s credibility before purchasing this headlight. DODGE RAM 1500 HEADLIGHTS is ISO certified. Warranty depends on the manufacturer. Some provide 1 year warranty while some provide more than 1 year. Mostly companies are DOT or SAE certified.

3.) ADAPTABLE TO EVERY WEATHER: Whether low beam or high beam, visibility is excellent. DODGE RAM 1500 HEADLIGHTS is a daytime running light which is capable of bearing all extreme weather conditions be it rain, snow or fog. The headlights are brighter than other lights as well. This light is waterproof and dustproof. Most headlights have a problem of fogging up during fog or rainy season, but not with this one. It lasts longer than regular lights and parts like frame, bulb, electrodes and tungsten are pretty strong and sturdy.

4.) DESIGN: Without spending a significant amount of money you can consider to buy these headlights to enhance the overall looks of your automotive. They provide excellent value for money. These headlights are available in colors that can blend into your car and the aesthetics will surely enhance the overall looks providing you the complete clarity.

5.) ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Battery consumption of DODGE RAM 1500 HEADLIGHTS is also pretty less than other lights. Though it is brighter than other lights but it still uses less battery than them. 12VOLT energy is used from the battery saving the electrical power and improving the performance.

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Ans. There is no such provision of information from company’s side on this topic. But the company says that the product is manufactured using strong and solid parts which are better quality than others.

Ans. No you don’t need to purchase anything extra, all components are included. Just keep check of ballast if it is necessary whether it is included or not, rest all is included.

Ans. This product is quite durable and strong. You won’t find any problem using the product. Materials used are of great quality. They are pretty long lasting.

Ans. Enough material in form of videos have been provided on YouTube channel. You can refer the video and follow their steps.

Ans. Some require ballast while some do not. Refer to the included components before buying the package. Check all the requirements.


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