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C6 Corvette Headlights

Item Weight 23.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 30 x 20 x 24 inches
Item model number LF460.2
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Manufacturer Part Number LF460.2-Q1
Position Front
Bulb Type LED
Voltage 12 Volts

SKU: K79C2 Category: Head Lights


Chevrolet motor company is an American automobile company which is a division of GENERAL MOTORS. It has been operating worldwide since 1911 and was founded by Arthur and Louis Chevrolet. It is also referred to as CHEVY. It doesn’t only deal with automobiles but also manufactures commercial vehicles and trucks.


C6 CORVETTE is a series of sports cars started in the year 2005. Before corvette, the company had given 5 generations of sports cars that worked pretty well in the market. The main attraction of this car is the exposed headlights. This new innovation looked very cool at that time. However, the model was continued till 2013.


CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS is a daytime running light which as the name suggests provides adequate lighting even during the daytime. There are some people living in hilly or fewer visibility areas that require headlights even during the daytime. The color temperature of this light is around 5000 kelvin.

The headlight delivers superior performance every time. It does not matter whether it is rainy, foggy or any bad climatic condition these CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS will do their job every time. It is a full value-for-money product and delivers high-quality performance.

The CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS is made up of a strong frame and lens. The frame is made up of aluminum which is pretty long-lasting and lightweight and at the same time, the lens is a polycarbonate UV coated lens that is capable of bearing extreme conditions be it snow, fog or even the heat coming out of the bulb. It is quite durable and long-lasting.

These headlights are comparatively brighter than the regular lights. CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS emit 2600 lumens of white bright light and also include turn signals. The headlights are DOT approved therefore there will be no question about standards or basic requirements being met.

You get a warranty of almost 3 years on this CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS. However, this duration is different for different companies. Some provide a warranty of 1 year, some of 3 years and some even more than that. Therefore you must go through the specifications before making your purchase

CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS has an easy installation process. They are plug-and-play types which generally mean that you don’t need to perform complex wiring procedures for installing the headlights, just connect the harness of the headlight with that of the vehicle and you are good to go. Included components are 2 headlights, 2 adapters, and necessary adjustments.

The looks and design of the headlights are superb. As told above this car has an exposed headlight system as the main attraction so it stands out from the rest of the products. CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS are clean and original equipment of the car. The fitting is perfect, precise, and edge to edge.

Battery consumption of CHEVROLET C6 CORVETTE HEADLIGHTS is 32 volt which is pretty less than other regular lights. This saves the electrical power of your car which in turn enhances the vehicle’s performance.

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Ans. These are not specifically fog lights but they are capable of working superiorly in foggy or rainy areas. The lens does not get fogged up due to condensation neither it gets damaged due to heat of the sun.

Ans. Yes though they are aftermarket lights but they will fit perfectly in your vehicle. Every company designs the light precisely edge to edge.

Ans. Yes these lights have been manufactured after complying with all DOT standards. They are completely street legal.

Ans. Headlight emits pure white light with a slight mixture of yellowness.

Ans. It is not advised by the company to follow this practice as it voids their product’s warranty.


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