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2008 Honda Accord Alternator Replacement

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Amperage Rating: 80 A
Pulley Groove Quantity: 6
Case Material: Aluminum
Pulley Included:    Yes
Fan Type: Internal
Regulator Type:    Internal
Rotation Direction: Clockwise
Aftermarket : Available

SKU: NKT57 Category: Alternator


Specification of 2008 Honda Accord Alternator

HONDA MOTOR COMPANY is a Japanese automobile manufacturer. It was started in 1946 by Soichiro Honda and Takio Fujisawa with the aim of expanding its business worldwide.

Apart from automobiles, it is into the business of motorcycles, marine vehicles, power generators, and other auto parts.

Honda ODYSSEY is a MINIVAN- use to transport people from one place to another with 2 or 3 rows of seats on the backside. It was launched in 1995 and is continued till present. Currently, its fifth generation is going on which was launched in 2018.

The car was originally manufactured and launched in Japan which was then presented in Europe and North America.


The alternator is a part that is responsible for power supply and storage in the vehicle. The movement of the vehicle causes the movement of the rotor which creates mechanical energy due to the presence of magnets. This mechanical energy cannot be used directly to power your car. Thus it needs to be converted into a usable form, alternator collects this energy and stores it into the battery after converting it into DC current.


  • Along with the movement of the car, the rotor present inside the car also starts spinning.
  • As soon as the rotor starts rotating, mechanical energy is created, which can be used after converting.
  • This mechanical energy is first collected by the alternator and converted to DC current and stored in the battery itself.
  • Thereafter this energy can be supplied to various parts of the car like radio, AC, CD player, etc.

2008 Honda Accord Alternator is an 80-ampere heavy-duty device that weighs almost 10 pounds. It consists of:

  • Pulley
  • Bearings
  • Stators
  • Fans
  • Rectifiers
  • Diodes and voltage regulators.


It is made up of fine quality aluminum material which is known to last long, generally, the alternators last for a lifetime but in case they get damaged due to any unforeseen situations they are replaceable. The people do not face problems with alternators in their vehicles.


An alternator must be efficient enough to provide superior performance to the vehicle. It is required to perform many tasks at the same time, one is to collect the energy created, the second is to convert it into usable form and the third is to store it in the battery for supplying it to various parts in the car.


There are different warranty periods on different products. Generally, the alternators last for a lifetime and do not get damaged easily but there are different companies offering different periods of warranty according to certain terms and conditions. Therefore you must go through terms and conditions and specifications before buying the 2008 Honda Accord Alternator.


There are many tools required for installation of alternator like:

  • Belt tensioner
  • Appropriate size ratchets
  • Extension and attachments

These tools might not be available with a common man, therefore you may prefer going to a mechanic for professional installation.

2008 honda accord alternator replacement

2008 honda accord alternator replacement is very efficient and is claimed to improve the working of the vehicle also. You will see the difference after applying the alternator.

The performance of the vehicle will definitely improve up to the mark. Apart from that the device also has a good cooling system which is very essential for the device so that efficiency remains intact. Alternator as we know has to perform many tasks at a time so it has to be capable enough to carry them out efficiently without any overloading.

2008 honda accord alternator replacement has been made with durable and long-lasting parts. The outside material which has been used is aluminum which is trusted to have a longer life expectancy than other materials. Also, the inside parts are made up of strong materials which facilitate the proper functioning of the device.

Proper fitting is very important for efficient functioning because improper fitting leads to heating up of the device which in long term causes inefficiency. Proper positioning of the inside components is very necessary. They are the ones which will actually perform. If they are not placed properly then the device might heat up and get damaged also. And in the long run, the efficiency of the vehicle will also degrade.

2008 honda accord alternator replacement comes with a complex procedure of installation because the wiring is very complicated and also you do not have the required tools and gadgets for installation. The professional mechanic has all the required tools so it would be recommended to get the installation done by a professional.

The post-sales service provided by the company is also good. You can contact them in case of any problem or you need any assistance. They will provide you with personalized solutions for your problem

While purchasing any product make sure that it is of certified quality because this certification is a guarantee that all the manufacturing guidelines and procedures have been followed and adhered to while making the product.

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1 review for 2008 Honda Accord Alternator Replacement

  1. Steve

    I was impressed; My mechanic could not get the paper. But here with Find Auto Parts Online it was easy to order and receive the product. I have marked your site for my mechanic. I will definitely rate you 10. Thank you!

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Ans. This alternator is specifically made for Honda accord 1990-2008 and it should be used with accord only. There are different alternators for different vehicles according to fitment and style.

Ans. It is used for rotation of the rotor and it is attached on the side.

Ans. As soon as you place the order and the order gets accepted it takes 30 days for the company to process your order and send it to your registered address.

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