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2007 Ford Focus Alternator

ENGINE: 4 cylinders 2 liter
Item grade: Original equipment manufacturing standard
Type: serpentine belt
Voltage: 12 volt
Pulleys included: 1
Pulley groove quantity: 6
Case material: aluminum
External fan included: no
Fan Type: Internal
Regulator Type: Internal
Rotation Direction: Clockwise
WEIGHT: 13 lbs

SKU: 3AF57 Category: Alternator


Features and characteristics of 2007 Ford Focus Alternator


The 2007 FORD FOCUS ALTERNATOR is certified which means that all the manufacturing guidelines and procedures have been adhered to while making the product. You get a certain period of warranty on the product.

FORD is one of the best companies to go for if you are planning to purchase an automotive or any auto part. It manufactures the best-in-class auto parts that come in an affordable price range and are very long-lasting and durable.

Just remember one thing while purchasing any product that the product must be certified so that we can ensure that standardized product has been obtained which will run for a long time.


The alternator has a great performance overall. You get to see an increase in the power of the vehicle as you install the product. The difference will be visible once you start using the product. The 2007 FORD FOCUS ALTERNATOR as you know has to perform many tasks at a time so it needs to be good at handling tasks without getting overloaded or heated. This one manages the tasks efficiently.


It has a great fit and suitability with all the models of ford focus be it se, ses, st. many alternators face a problem of improper fitting due to which the performance of the device gets hampered. The improper positioning leads to heating up of the device and due to which the tasks are not handled properly.


The 2007 FORD FOCUS ALTERNATOR is made up of material that is pretty long-lasting and durable. It has a greater life expectancy and can withstand all the climatic or hash heat conditions also. It is made up of aluminum which is pretty strong and solid. Also, the inside components like a pulley, serpentine belt, etc. are made up of strong materials that carry out the tasks efficiently and do not get damaged in the long run.


The alternator has a system in which the rotor starts rotating and mechanical energy is created around the area. This energy gets collected in the battery after it is converted into a usable form. Without conversion, it cannot be used because first it gets converted from AC to DC current. After the conversion, it can be transferred to other parts of the vehicle which run on the battery.

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Ans. The serpentine belt helps in rotation movement of pulley and rotor. Both are connected with each other and move in order of each other.

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But if product is not damaged and customer wants refund, then he will have to bear 25% commission along with the shipping cost as well.


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