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MAZDA 6 Headlights

Product Dimensions 71.12 x 55.88 x 30.48 cm; 7.35 Kilograms
Item part number PHL-M603-FOG-DRL-BK
Manufacturer Part Number PHL-M603-FOG-DRL-BK
OEM Part Number GK2A510L0D, GK2C510L0C
ABPA Partslink Number MA2502129, MA2502125
Position Front
Colour Black
Bulb Type LED
Manufacturer Xtune
Item Weight 7 kg 350 g

SKU: C9WZN Category: Head Lights


MAZDA 6 is a mid-sized car manufactured by MAZDA Company in 2002. It was a huge hit at that time due to its style and vibe. It is continued till present day and currently, its 3rd generation is going on in the market.

Major Details of MAZDA 6 Headlights


Features and Technical DetailsMAZDA 6 Headlights


The MAZDA 6 HEADLIGHTS does not come preassembled therefore it has a complex wiring system and you need to hang around with wires with tools and gadgets. Therefore it is recommended to get the lights installed by a professional mechanic who has all the required tools and knowledge of wiring system.


The MAZDA 6 HEADLIGHTS is DOT approved therefore you do not need to worry about the quality of the product. It has been manufactured according to specific guidelines and manufacturing standards as stated by the statutory body. Before purchasing any product from any company just ensure that the company is ISO certified and the product is DOT certified.

The light comes with a 1-year warranty, though some companies might provide you a different period of warranty, therefore, you must go through the products and companies available to understand the terms and conditions and also the specifications of the product. Some brands which are pretty confident in their product provide a longer period of warranty may be of more than one year.


MAZDA 6 HEADLIGHTS is a daytime running light therefore you get a sufficient amount of visibility even during daytime.

Some people are living in such geographical regions where they require light even during the daytime, therefore, you must have such lights which can light up the road even during day time.


The MAZDA 6 HEADLIGHTS is very durable which means that the frame used in the manufacturing process is of strong material which will remain solid over its lifetime. Also, the lens used is an oxidized lens that will not get damaged due to any illumination or fogging up.

Most lenses get damaged due to extreme heat released from the bulb inside and the condensation process does not happen properly but here the light has a one-way vent that lets the hot air pass out and keeps the temperature of the assembly cool.


The MAZDA 6 HEADLIGHTS will improve the exterior appearance of the vehicle drastically. Along with great visibility, the lights also come with a unique style and increased safety. You will see the difference yourself after applying the lights. There is a massive change in the exterior appearance of the vehicle.

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