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Used Jerr Dan Rollback Beds for Sale – Fully Tested Trucks Parts

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Width of the deck: Same as Light duty carriers
Length of the deck: Longer than the light duty like 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches
Capacity: The structural capacity is 20,000 lbs
Towing capacity: 7,500 lbs.
Maximum inclination angle: 2 inches
Minimum GVWR: 33,000 lbs without wheel lift and the same with wheel lift.
Lifting capacity: 3,000 lbs
Material used: Majorly Steel and aluminium
Inclination angle: 5 degrees low


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Used Jerr Dan Rollback Beds for Sale

The king of loading and towing is undoubtedly the Jerr Dan Rollback beds for sale. These rollbacks have all the features to facilitate the lifting and carrying of huge loads on their flatbeds, including cars or similar large vehicles. As a result, they are ideal for transporting multiple vehicles at once. Used Jerr Dan rollback beds are more than capable of lifting for many years as they are sturdy and well-built. All the models of used Jerr Dan Rollback beds for sale are reliable in terms of the purpose they have been built for. Jerr Dan has rollbacks made for both light-duty and heavy-duty carrier requirements.

The carriers are made of steel mainly which makes them sturdy and reliable. The used Jerr Dann Rollback beds for sale can work like a new ones for years. Your business can reach great heights with these splendid carriers. The carrying capacity is unmatched by any other commercial truck. But these evidently have a specific use. They mainly carry vehicles that cannot be moved or otherwise need towing. So, get one for you to carry loads for great distances with minimum maintenance costs.

Features of the Jerr Dan Rollback Beds for sale

You can get more than one configuration for the steel rollback decks made of steel. So, you can buy exactly what you are looking for. In the range of heavy-duty used Jerr Dan Rollback beds for sale, there are models of 10-ton steel and 15-ton steel. In the light-duty range, you will get 6-ton XLP carriers. There is also a range of medium-duty models where you will find the 8.5-ton XLP carrier model. Thus, there is an ideal fit for every need. These Jerr Dan Rollback beds come in different shades and styles. Along with utility, you can get stylish designs as well. From the specifications of each type of carrier, you can understand that they have immense loading capacities, ranging from 7500 lbs to as much as you can think of.

Looking at the advancements in trailers over the years and the terrific features of the Jerr Dan Rollback beds, you can say that this is the brand that you can trust. A used jerr Dan Rollback bed for sale can be more affordable than a new one and serve your purpose for many years. Get yourself a heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty rollback carrier to start carrying vehicles and build a successful business.

History of the Jerr Dan Rollback Beds

Jerr Dan has been manufacturing since 1972, so it has already been more than 50 years. They have mainly focused on serving the demands of professionals for mainly commercial purposes. They also have been the bearers of strength and reliability over the years. The trailers delivered by Jerr Dan have been improving every year to deliver a better performance each time. Their towing trucks had distinctive structures that set them apart from the competition. They also introduced deck illumination in their rollbacks as well as headboards that can be adjusted. To date, they have been manufacturing new and improved products to meet commercial purposes.

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2 reviews for Used Jerr Dan Rollback Beds for Sale – Fully Tested Trucks Parts

  1. devilliars

    Satisfied with my purchase of a Used Jerr Dan Rollback Bed from Find Auto Parts Online. Quality product, great value, and smooth transaction. Highly recommend

  2. Albert Pinto

    Impressed with the condition of the Used Jerr Dan Rollback Bed I bought from Find Auto Parts Online. It exceeded my expectations, and the buying process was seamless. Happy customer!

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