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Hyundai Sonata Headlight


Item Weight ‎16 Kilograms
Item model number ‎32433
Manufacturer Part Number ‎32433
Included ‎2 Headlight Assembly
Manufacturer ‎Depo
Item Weight ‎16 kg

SKU: HI83A Category: Head Lights


Sonata is a mid-sized car manufactured and marketed by Hyundai. It was launched in 1985 and is continued till now. The first generation of this car was not so popular but the second generation was a huge hit. It was introduced in North America, China, and South Korea. Currently, its 8th generation is going on which was introduced in 2019.

Highlights of Hyundai Sonata Headlight


The HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHT has a perfect edge-to-edge cutting for perfect fitting. Mostly headlights do not fit perfectly into the car’s given space but this light won’t face this problem. You will get perfect space for fitting screws and headlight assembly.


The light is waterproof and therefore it does not get damaged in the rain or any other extreme climate conditions like fog or snow. It has a one-way vent that does not let moisture damage the lens. The process of condensation happens peacefully and the temperature of the assembly remains cool.


The light is dustproof and rustproof because it has a triple-layer paint which does not let the frame get damaged due to harmful radiations of the sun and also saves it from water so that the aluminum material does not get damaged, though the aluminum itself is pretty solid and strong.


The HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHT is DOT certified which means all the instructions and manufacturing guidelines have been followed by the statutory body and it can be legally used on road. Also, the company is ISO certified which tells us that all the requirements have been fulfilled and adhered to while making the product so you can purchase it without any second thought.


The light comes with an easy procedure for installation. There is no requirement for hanging around with wires as the wiring part is done beforehand by the company and you just need to plug the headlight into the adapter of the car and you are good to go.


The HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHT has a comparatively increased amount of brightness than other local aftermarket lights. You get a larger and broader vision because the light travels a larger and wider distance. You can measure the amount of brightness in lumens.


This is a daytime running light therefore you will get an ample amount of brightness even during the daytime. There are some areas where people need to switch on the light even during the daytime due to their geographical constraints, they live in hilly or mountainous regions.


The HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHT supports both high beam and low beam. It is advised therefore to use high beams in fewer visibility areas or on highways and to use the low beams in high visibility areas where there is a sufficient amount of light available like when you are traveling inside the city.

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Ans. Yes the bulbs are include along with the headlight package.

Ans. It comes in both the variants, this one is xenon. You can check for LED also.

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