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GM 4180E Transmission for Sale – Fully Tested Truck parts

Horsepower:  The automatic GM transmission is said to have 700 horsepower which exhibits incredible performance.
Fits make: It is mainly designed for commercial makes such as Chevrolet, vans, Hummer H1, and later on Rolls-Royce.
Will fit years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1995. It can also fit as long as 1998.
Configuration: Designed specifically for longitudinal engines, it gives the proper support.
Displacement: Instead of a variable displacement, it possesses a positive displacement.
Transmission fluid:  The GM 4L80e Transmission uses fluids Dexron 3 or Dexron 6.
Fluid capacity: The transmission fluids required are about 8 quarts.
Engine capacity:  The capacity with which it is compatible is 440lbs of the engine.
Speed transmission: The speed transmission is 4 for the GM 4L80e Transmission.
Gear ratios: The perfect gear ratio would be 1:2.482.
Towing capacity: Vehicles with a towing capacity of 22,000 lbs are compatible.
Gears: 5 gears, namely first, second, third, reverse, and overdrive.
Predecessor model: The previous version of this GM transmission is TH400.
Successor model: The version that comes after GM 4L80e Transmission is 6L90.

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Description of GM 4L80E Transmission for Sale

The GM 4L80e transmission for sale was developed by General Motors and has been a hit ever since. Buy a transmission to elevate the performance of your engine. Initially, it was made for commercial vehicles, vans, and Chevrolet but later it was also used by Rolls-Royce.

The GM 4L80etransmission is a direct descendent of the TH400 transmission. It uses two-speed sensors; one is for input speed and the other one is for output speed. It helps to control the engine when there are sudden shifts to eliminate damage in the clutch. It was designed to be compatible with heavy-duty vehicles instead of a pickup. Buy transmission and get transmission fluid and torque converter.

If you are in search of a good transmission that can give the best experience with your engine, GM 4L80etransmission is the ideal and efficient way to go.

Cars are a fascinating invention for many. Car enthusiasts who own jeeps and vans are always looking for car parts that enhance the performance of their vehicles. There are more than hundreds of ways that you can make it more efficient than what the default comes with. Engines, gears, axles, moderators, and many more parts of the car can be amplified for better performance. Similarly, transmissions are used for longitudinal engines.

A transmission is a major component that helps in the transfer of power from the engine to get the car moving or for stopping it. Transmissions can be manual and automatic. It is mainly involved in controlling the acceleration when the car picks up speed or when it slows down to a halt. A GM 4L80e transmission excels in this task. It is an automatic transmission that becomes a useful aid to your car’s engine.

Features of GM 4L80e Transmission 

The GM 4L80e Transmission is loaded with an array of exciting features. As we already know that it has the ability to work well for a car of 8000 lbs. The GM transmission has a die-cast aluminum case. It is the same as the earlier versions like the TH400. With a strong shaft that amounts to 32 spline output, it exceeds in the capacity of the other transmission.

The gear ratios that work for the GM 4L80e Transmission for sale are 2.48 for the first, 1.48 for the second, 1.00 for the third, and 0.75 for the rear. It depends on the Powertrain Control Module. This makes it fit for towing tasks as well.

Sometimes it could so happen that overheating cannot be controlled for the transmission but transmission fluid does a lot to control the heat generated from the internal transmission.

Even though the 10L90E is the strongest of the transmissions, GM 4L80e Transmission does no less job of heavy-duty mechanical tasks. Buy a transmission to get an overdrive of four gears. Instead of an automatic transmission, it can also be converted to a manual one while controlling.

History of GM 4L80e Transmission 

The already superior quality of its predecessors is what makes it more than capable of heavy-duty usage. The predecessor model to GM 4L80e Transmission is Turbo Hydramatic 400.

The Turbo Hydromantic 400 was built in 1963. Even though the TH400 transmission is an overpowered transmission in itself. But the GM 4L80e Transmission is a much more developed piece. The power capacity that it possesses is exemplary. The horsepower consumed by the 4L80E is much more than 4L60e. It weighs even more than the TH400. The TH400 transmission is 135 lbs and the GM 4L80e Transmission is 178 lbs.

The GM 4L80e Transmission for sale has also gone through quite a few developments. The core of the transmission built from 1991 to 1993 has a less able electrical connector. The recent models 1997 to 1999 have a newer lubricating circuit. The 2004 models had gone through considerable changes in the structure.


Buy transmission to get all the excellent features that have been mentioned here. The GM transmission is much more efficient than the earlier versions and is well-accepted today as well for heavy usage.



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