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Ford C6 Transmission for Sale

(2 reviews)
  • Type: Automatic
  • Model: C6
  • Maker: Ford
  • Speeds: 3-speed
  • Condition: Used


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Ford C6 Transmission for Sale: A Reliable Choice for Power and Performance

Looking for robust power and reliability? Explore the Ford C6 transmission, a stalwart in the realm of automatic transmissions. Renowned for its durability and smooth operation, this Ford C6 Transmission for sale here is a trusted choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re restoring a classic Ford or upgrading a workhorse, this C6 transmission for sale here at Find Auto Parts Online offers the strength to handle substantial torque and the dependability to endure demanding conditions. 

Transmission Overview: The Legendary Ford C6 Transmission

The Ford C6 transmission, produced from 1966 to 1996, has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable heavy-duty automatic transmissions ever made. This 3-speed automatic was used in a wide range of Ford vehicles, making it a versatile option for various projects. Whether you’re working on a classic Mustang, an F-Series truck, or a custom build, a used C6 transmission for sale could be the perfect fit.

Performance and Durability: Why Choose a C6 Transmission?

When searching for Ford C6 transmission for sale, you’ll quickly discover why this unit is so popular among enthusiasts:

  • Heavy-Duty Build: Designed for durability and strength, the C6 transmission can handle high torque and demanding conditions, making it ideal for performance vehicles and heavy-duty applications.
  • Efficient Power Transfer: With its efficient torque converter and gear ratios, the C6 ensures smooth power delivery and responsive acceleration, enhancing both performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Simplicity and Reliability: Known for its robust design and straightforward mechanics, the C6 transmission is easy to maintain and repair, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Adaptability: The C6 transmission has been used in a wide range of Ford vehicles over the years, from trucks to muscle cars, demonstrating its versatility and compatibility with various engine configurations.
  • Proven Performance: With a long history of service in Ford vehicles, the C6 has earned a reputation for reliability and performance, making it a trusted choice among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Compatibility of  C6 Transmission


  • Ford F-Series trucks (F-100, F-150, F-250, F-350, etc.)
  • Ford Bronco
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Galaxie
  • Ford Torino
  • Ford Ranchero
  • Ford Fairlane
  • Ford Thunderbird


  • Ford 302 (5.0L) V8
  • Ford 351 Windsor (5.8L) V8
  • Ford 390 (6.4L) V8
  • Ford 428 Cobra Jet V8
  • Ford 429 (7.0L) V8
  • Ford 460 (7.5L) V8

Condition and Quality: What to Expect

Our inventory of Ford C6 transmissions for sale includes used transmissions. Each unit undergoes a thorough inspection and testing process to ensure quality and functionality. 

Invest in Power and Reliability

A used C6 transmission for sale offers an excellent balance of performance, durability, and value. Whether you’re restoring a classic Ford, building a race car, or upgrading your daily driver, the C6 transmission provides the strength and reliability you need. Browse our selection of Ford C6 transmissions for sale today and take the first step toward enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

Additional information

Torque Rating

≥450 lb-f

Overall Length

30 inches

Fluid Type

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), typically Ford Type F or Dexron III

Fluid Capacity

11-13 quarts

Bellhousing to Tailshaft Length

24 inches

Input Shaft Spline Count:

26 splines

Output Shaft Spline Count:

31 splines

Gear Ratios

1st Gear: 2.46:1
2nd Gear: 1.46:1
3rd Gear: 1.00:1


1966 Ford C6 Transmission

2 reviews for Ford C6 Transmission for Sale

  1. Frank Wilson

    Picked up a C6 from Find Auto Parts Online for my Ford restoration. Heavy-duty 3-speed auto, built to last. Handles big power, great for towing. Shifts are firm but smooth. Old-school reliability.

  2. Jim Baker

    This trans is a tank – perfect for high-torque applications. Not the most efficient, but bulletproof. Easy to work on, plenty of aftermarket support.

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Product Q&A

Can the Ford C6 transmission be upgraded for higher performance?

Yes, there are various upgrades available for the C6 transmission, including performance torque converters, shift kits, and stronger internal components. These upgrades can improve durability, shift quality, and overall performance.

Is the Ford C6 transmission suitable for racing or high-performance applications?

Yes, the C6 transmission has been used in racing and high-performance applications due to its strong construction and ability to handle increased power and torque. Many drag racers and muscle car enthusiasts favor the C6 for its reliability under high-stress conditions.

What maintenance is recommended for the Ford C6 transmission?

Regular maintenance includes checking and changing the transmission fluid at recommended intervals, inspecting for leaks, and ensuring proper adjustment of the bands and linkage. A periodic transmission service, including filter replacement, can also help maintain optimal performance and longevity

Can the Ford C6 transmission be converted to a manual transmission?

Converting an automatic transmission like the C6 to a manual transmission would involve significant modifications, including replacing the entire transmission system with a manual gearbox, clutch, and associated components. It's a complex and costly process that requires careful planning and expertise.

How reliable is the Ford C6 transmission?

The C6 is renowned for its durability and reliability, making it a preferred choice for both daily drivers and high-performance applications. Proper maintenance and care can extend its lifespan significantly.

Is the Ford C6 transmission suitable for towing?

Yes, the C6 transmission's robust design and torque handling make it suitable for towing applications, providing reliable performance under load.

Can the Ford C6 transmission be rebuilt?

Yes, the C6 transmission can be rebuilt by experienced transmission specialists. Rebuilding can restore its performance and extend its service life, especially for older units.
ford c6 transmission for sale
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