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F30 Depo Xenon Headlights

SKU: 594ZX Category: Head Lights


XENON is a colorless, odorless gas that acts as a light-emitting source. It produces a glow at its discharge. For example cameras, lamps and headlights.

The new xenon headlights are way powerful than your normal factory lights. It supports both low beam and high beam and has a UV lens that protects the light and keeps it new.


The package of F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT which comes to you has all the required components. It includes 2 lights-right and left side, screws and other adjustment parts. You don’t need to purchase anything extra along with the package, you might need some tape though.

The manufacturing company – DEPO is ISO certified company so you can trust the product’s quality. The product F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT is manufactured following all the basic standards to meet the expectations. Now if we talk about the product – the headlight is DOT/SAE certified. It comes with a warranty period of 6 months. Have a look through all the specifications and company policies before purchase.

The F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT has an approximate weight 13kgs and it consumes less battery than others though providing more bright light than others. It consumes 12v energy from battery of your car.

As told about the quality and durability of frame and lens, this F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT comes in black color outer surface with clear glass. The glass doesn’t get damaged due to bright light, other lights have this problem either the glass is broken or gets fogged up.


Looks and design

The F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT has a great superior design with precision edge to edge cutting. The light fits perfectly into the car frame. You can buy it if you have BMW F30 or F31 model. Even the looks are not compromised. You can see the difference after these lights are installed. Your vehicle will look way cool.


The light has been manufactured using fine-quality parts. The frame and lens of F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT is quite strong and durable. It is advised to not get a car wash after changing the headlights for almost 14 days. Apart from the frame, the inside socket and tubes are also of good quality.

Visibility and brightness

This light is pretty bright, lights up full road ahead. Be it nighttime or daytime, you will get adequate lighting and visibility on road. It does not disturb other drivers on road. F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT also is a daytime running light and has powerful LEDs.


The light has a very easy installation. You will get the F30 DEPO XENON HEADLIGHT preassembled, so just need to splice and join the wires of light with the car and you will be done. Though the process is easy, you might watch YouTube videos if you install it at home or you may seek the help of a mechanic. Some people who don’t have the required instruments at home may prefer going to a mechanic.


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