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Payless Salvage Auto Parts Phoenix Arizona 29
5901 Dort Hwy, Flint, Michigan, United States 48505

JUNKYARDS also called scrapyards is a place where waste or abandoned vehicles are brought and they are dismantled. The parts which are in good condition are repaired or sold in the market but the parts which are not in good condition are sent for recycling.

Parts like engine, exhaust, and windshield are recycled and resold if they are not damaged much, and bodies that are usually damaged are crushed using heavy machines. They are smashed and sent for recycling.


FLINT AUTO SALVAGE junkyard situated in Michigan deals in:

  • Buying and selling of all types of used auto parts like headlights, seats, wheels and other all types of parts at low competitive prices so you don’t have to purchase new parts at high prices.
  • They purchase junk parts and sell parts that are good like new at very affordable prices. No restriction on vehicle type, it deals in parts of cars, trucks- domestic or foreign is not an issue.
  • It purchases your scrap vehicles also. If you have any scrap parts or even if you want to sell your vehicle you can feel free to contact them and make a visit.
  • It provides solutions for military vehicles, that too for armor, this facility is very rare and exclusively provided here itself.
  • The FLINT AUTO SALVAGE junkyard has a huge collection of inventory of different parts of different types of vehicles. You need to exactly know what you want in order to freely communicate with the junkyard.
  • It provides great deals on parts you purchase and sell to them. Also if you want to donate something to the yard, they accept donations also.
  • The FLINT AUTO SALVAGE junkyard sells quality parts that is though the parts are old they are recycled and are ready to use. You would find very little difference between old and new parts, so why spend a huge amount to purchase new parts when you can get parts like new in a low price. They meet all the expectations.
  • Both exterior and inside parts are sold by the junkyard be it engine, windshield, tires or even the whole vehicle. FLINT AUTO SALVAGE provides second-hand automobile parts at affordable rates and at the same time also provides a warranty on them for a certain period. The warranty period is different on different products.
  • The staff working at FLINT AUTO SALVAGE is light-hearted and understanding. Their customer service is great, they respond to customer problems responsibly. The staff is pretty professional and experienced. One can contact them on to enquire about their procedure and then get prepared.
  • A good junkyard is devoted to their clients for providing them the highest level of service. It also offers the facility of towing your vehicle and making sure that the process of recycling and reusing is taken place cleanly and smoothly.
  • For gathering basic information about the company you can visit the website of FLINT AUTO SALVAGE. For your ease, the company has provided the information online also. You may have a look at their products, their availability and then make a visit. Also, their service is quick and responsive.

Parts We Carry:

Control armsTransmissionAlternatorEngineRadio
Computer modulesReservoirAirbagDriveshaftBrake parts
Steering (all parts)SensorsConsoleFog lampsCrankshaft
Door mirrorsTaillightIgnition switchMoldingsEngine block
HeadlightDoor handleWheelsHubcapA/C compressor
Coolant partFuse boxOil coolerSunvisorFender Skirt
Gas padelGas capCondensorCamshaftFuel pump


All Models & Years. Call Today For Parts.

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