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Boutwell Auto Salvage & Sales Greenville Alabama

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Luverne Hwy, Highland Home, Alabama, United States 36041

The Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales is a used car dealer in Greenville, Alabama. They take in used, unwanted, or junk vehicles. The vehicles can be involved in an accident or become old and non-usable. A redundant vehicle can become redundant; however, its parts can be used. The main job of auto salvage is to strip off a vehicle down to its basic parts and components.

The Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales takes all the usable parts of a vehicle and refurbishes them. It then sells off the recycled components. Boutwell mainly targets useful car parts that can be salvaged.


Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales can be visited at Luverne Hwy, Highland Home, AL 36041, United States. Interested customers can also contact the dealership beforehand. They can be contacted through their:

Customers can visit the shop from Mondays to Saturdays.

Kinds of Auto Salvage

Even though they mainly deal in car parts, the Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales welcomes all kinds of vehicles.  They also offer the best price possible for a vehicle. The prices and offer of a vehicle depend mainly on its condition. Vehicles that are drivable or those which are completely totaled, all fetch different prices.

In the Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales, the vehicles can belong to a few different categories. Customers visiting an auto salvage shop should understand these categories beforehand:

  • Category A

These vehicles have no usable parts. They can have extensive damage and are even written off by insurance companies. These vehicles are melted or destroyed completely.

  • Category B

Such vehicles have major structural damage but still have a few usable parts in them.

  • Category C

Vehicles belonging to this category are also damaged quite a bit. They can even be repaired; however, their parts are usually worth more. Boutwell Auto Salvage can sell these for repair but are not worth the effort.

  • Category D

Vehicles in this category have suffered from light damage. They can even be considered as an insurance write-off and can be sold after a few repairs.

  • Category X

It is not often that vehicles in this category are found in a junkyard. These do not have any visible damage. However, they can be bought and sold from the

The Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales carries on its salvage process in a very smooth manner. They do not salvage any parts and components, which can be a safety hazard. They offer a wide range of selections from salvaged auto parts. All such cars and parts sold by Boutwell have a salvage title. Their selling prices are also significantly lower than the market rate.

The Boutwell Auto Salvage Sales is given an average rating of 4.5 from its customers. They are a great place to buy quality salvaged parts or to sell your totaled car. Their friendly and supportive staff are happy to answer all customer queries and help them in any way possible.

Parts We Carry:

Control armsTransmissionAlternatorEngineRadio
Computer modulesReservoirAirbagDriveshaftBrake parts
Steering (all parts)SensorsConsoleFog lampsCrankshaft
Door mirrorsTaillightIgnition switchMoldingsEngine block
HeadlightDoor handleWheelsHubcapA/C compressor
Coolant partFuse boxOil coolerSunvisorFender Skirt
Gas padelGas capCondensorCamshaftFuel pump


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All Models & Years. Call Today For Parts.

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